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Thanks to all who signed up so far and all you showed interest in joining our upcoming events.

We decided to officially launch the "Ace of Spades" Air to Air league Server on Saturday (1st of August) in order to let more people test the dogfight system until then.
(*435 matches with 56 participants during the test runs)

The Ace Factor for each pilot and matches will reset as previously said and we will monitor the new pilot ladders from now on.

Register in our website for more details & announcements:

First post updated!

Squadrons Registered for "Operation Blue Flag"
- IAF, Active Members: 12, Pilot callsigns: 1.Xcom, 2 TBD
- 373vFS, Active Members: 12, Pilot callsigns: 1.Greg, 2 TBD
- 36° Stormo Virtuale, Active Members: 14, Pilot callsigns: 1.Gaanalma, 2 TBD
- 31st Combined Operation Group (31stCOG), Active Members: 5 Pilots callsigns: 1.carrollhead, 2 TBD
- 82nd. VFW "The Red Gloves", Active pilots number: 2. Pilot callsigns: Ghost0815, Gorbear. Aircraft: A-10C/F-15C/MiG-21Bis/Ka-50
- SF Squadron, Active pilots number: TBD. Pilot callsigns: TBD
- =238.lbae=, Active pilots number: 6, Pilot callsigns: 1. Falcon, 2. Kole, 3. Defender, 4. Pincgauer, 5. Vrabac, 6. Fenix.
- SVK Squadron, Active pilots number: 5, Pilots callsigns: 1. SVK_Fox, 2.SVK_Teddy, 3.SVK_Stanley, 4.SVK_UVi 5.SVK_rocketdog

Lonewolfs registered for "Operation Blue Flag"
- Body Farm, Preferred Aircraft: UH-1H\Mi-8
- TurboRUSH, Preferred Aircraft: F-15c, mig-21, ka-50, F-86, and Bf-109

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New TeamSpeak is open for Buddy Spike!

Hostname :
Port: 1337

See you all there!
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*NOB* Squadron signing up!!!

The Defenders of Beslan are once again at your service gents...

...the few, the proud, the remaining...
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Lonewolf registering for Blue Flag,

Callsign: Tazman
Preferred aircraft: UH-1H, A-10C, F-15C, F-86, Mig-15
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Thanks guys for registering!

Tomorrow, that is Sunday 09th of August at 19:00 zulu time, the server will open to host a stress test of the Operation "Blue Flag" PvP Dynamic campaign.

Squadrons that already registered will have dedicated slots with their tags on them (e.g. NOB A-10C ) and their members will only be available to join to them if they have the squadron tag on their name. (e.g. NOB Aries) .

Lonewolfs will be able to join to the slots reserved for lonewolfs.

We are looking forward to see you all there.
Server name & password details will follow.

Also a new post with more details & briefing will follow asap.

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Great Work!!!

51st Bisons Discord DCSWorldEvents
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I haven't asked my team mates about this yet, but I would certainly like to fly in this today. Do I need to register or is 104th registered automatically?
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We should be signed up for this with the 51st Stuge.

We'll send some guys tonight, as many as we can! But we plan to do Fighter Control on our server during the test (arranged before this announcement) so some of us won't be able to make it!

104th Phoenix Squadron Leader / Total Poser / Elitist

"Dammit Jim, I'm a Squadron Leader, not a software developer!"

104th F-15C Skin
My YouTube Channel
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Hello guys.
Thanks Teknetinium, Stuge & Maverick.

We try to get everything scheduled as best as we can so it won't interfere with other DCS World events.
Hopefully everyone can enjoy both worlds

104th & 51st are assigned to their airbases (Kutaisi & Krymsk) so you can fly from there if you will join.Check for more below.

Squadrons-Airbases assigned:
*Squadrons have been assigned to airbases according to prefered aircrafts etc. Of course there is the option to contact us in order to change your dedicated airbases or side for the next tests & for the official start of the campaign. We hope you will like your new homes!

Info & Details about the Operation & tonight's stress test:

Operation "Blue Flag"
Stress test event.

Sunday 09th of August
Server starts at 19:00 zulu time

Teamspeak :
Hostname :
Port: 1337
Without password

Blue side:
IAF (Assigned to Kobuleti - Aircraft slots starting with KO)
104th (Assigned to Kutaisi - Aircraft slots starting with KU)
SF (Assigned to Batumi - Aircraft slots starting with BA)
E69 (Assigned to Tbilisi - Aircraft slots starting with VA)
82nd (Assigned to Sukhumi - Aircraft slots starting with SU)
31st (Assigned to Senaki - Aircraft slots starting with SK)
36th (Assigned to Gudauta - Aircraft slots starting with GU)
Lonewolfs Squadron A (Assigned to Vaziani - Aircraft slots starting with TL)
Lonewolfs Squadron B (Assigned to Sochi - Aircraft slots starting with SA)

Red side:
373vFS (Assigned to Mineralnye Vody - Aircraft slots starting with MV)
SVK (Assigned to Nalchik - Aircraft slots starting with NA)
NOB (Assigned to Beslan - Aircraft slots starting with BE)
238th (Assigned to Maykop - Aircraft slots starting with MK)
51st (Assigned to Krymsk - Aircraft slots starting with KR)
Lonewolfs Squadron A (Assigned to Mozdok - Aircraft slots starting with MO)
Lonewolfs Squadron B (Assigned to Novorossiysk - Aircraft slots starting with NO)

Campaign Features:

-24/7 Server
The Server will be available on a 24/7 basis. Registered Squadrons & Lonewolfs will be able to join. If not registered already you can through the Eagle Dynamics forums (Buddy Spike thread on the Multiplayer section).

-Dedicated Airbases / Slots for squadrons
Registered Squadrons are assigned to specific airbases. Their pilots will be able to use their squadrons aircraft slots if they have their tag assigned on their callsign (e.g. 373vFS_Greg or IAF_Xcom).

-Lonewolfs Dedicated Airbases
Lonewolfs have their own dedicated airbases to operate from.You can check them on the Briefing's map.

-Airbase/FARP Capturing System
Both sides will be able to capture Airbases & FARPs & then operate from them. To capture an Airbase or FARP a side must destroy all the enemy ground units guarding and then land troops near it transported by UH-1H's or Mi-8's.

-Transport Troops
Mi-8's & UH-1H's are able to transport troops to the front. To load troops to your chopper just take off and head to the load zone near your FARP/Airbase. The load zone is marked with GREEN smoke. Once landed on it you can load troops through the F-10 Radio Menu.

-Unload Troops
Choppers can unload troops through the F-10 Radio menu. (You must load them first from the loadzones marked with GREEN smoke)

-Captured Airbases slots / Slot Managment System
Each time a side captures an airbase, they can operate from it with a specific number of aircraft.
Each airbase offers a specific type of aircraft available after capturing. Capturing Airbases & FARPs will increase the number of available airframes and reduce the enemy's numbers.

-Cities Capturing System
A number of key Cities will be marked in the Campaign Map as high value targets. Both sides will have to capture and hold them as this will be a part of the victory conditions. To capture a City a side has to land troops near it transported by UH-1H's or Mi-8's.

-Coordinates of FARPS/Cities position
Coordinates of the FARPS & Cities position are available below, at the end of the briefing.

-Repair System
Each time a friendly or enemy asset is destroyed, it will start repairing after an amount of time. In order to stop an enemy asset from repairing it will have to be captured.

-Radar Intercept Fighters
EWR's will scan the areas near the airbases. Each time there is a threat, AI Fighters will scrable to engage it.

-Real time Situtation Messages
During the missions the pilots will be informed about the situation of the Airbases, FARPs & Cities.

-Waypoints : Bullseye – Sochi
Both sides have an initial waypoint to Sochi. Depending to the DCS Module you may have the ability to add manually waypoints. Otherwise you will be able to navigate by calculating distances from the F10 Map and your initialy waypoint (Sochi).
-Mission Save Function
As in our previous Campaigns the mission status will be saved real time. If the Server crashes for any reason, it will restart with the airbases, cities, FARPs and ground units status, as was just before the crash.
Starting date: To be announced.
Stay tuned!

-Real time web based map & gadget
373vFS_Crash created a real time web based map in which you can check the status of the Airbases, FARPs & Cities. Also you can check about announcemts & online pilots on the server.

Link: http://opblueflag-buddyspike.rhcloud.com/



1x Group of Airbase defence consisted of 7 units
1x Group of EWR/SAM defence consisted of 5 units

1x Group of FARP defence consisted of 7 units

-Cities Defence
1x Group of Cities defence consisted of 7 units

Ground units types:
Blue side: Vulcans, Strykers, Abrams, SA-11s
Red side: Shilkas, BTR-80, T-72s, SA-11s

Transport Ground groups:
-Group of Mortars
-Group of Infantry
-Group of Shorad units (SA-9)

Blue side: F-4 Phantom
Red side: MiG-23

Recon flights:
Ground Commanders can use AI Recon flights to reveal enemy units left on Airbases, FARP, Cities.
Blue side: Tornados
Red side: MiG-25

FARPs & Cities Coordinates

37T GH 359 102 / GRID: GH30

38T MN 748 666 / GRID: MN76

38T MM779 189 / GRID: MM71

37T FH 620 648 / GRID: FH66

38T NL 042 997 / GRID: NL09

38T LP 456 781 / GRID: LP47

37T GG 207 683 / GRID: GG16

37T DK 010 522 / GRID: ZQ76

38T LM 039 802 / GRID: GG98

37T EK 010 863 / GRID: EK08

37T FH 104 873 / GRID: FH 08

37T CK 675 740 / GRID: ZQ38

37T DK 344 709 / GRID: DK37


37T GH 248 202 / GRID: GH22

37T GJ 347 524 / GRID:GJ35

37T EJ 916 822 / GRID: EJ98

Maykop-Khanskaya_Mineralnye Vody
37T FK 946 335 / GRID: FK93

38T MM 024 533 / GRID:MM05

38T LN 740 185 / GRID:LN71

37T EJ 024 875 / GRID: EJ 08

38T MM 581 995 / GRID: MM59

37T DK 633 834 / GRID: DK 58
General info about Operation "Blue Flag"

"Operation Blue Flag" is the next chapter of the successfull online PvP campaigns "Operation Summer Rain" & "Operation Stronghold" earlier this year.

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Guys, I would summ all of this in two words: FU*KING AWESOME!!!

You are amazing, your dedication is amazing, thank you all so much for your efforts, you've made whole community a better place! "Crashing the servers since 2014." ROTFLMAO
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