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Originally Posted by srpskisoko View Post
Please don't change anything about clicking please!
Why? Are you using TrackIR? If not, then what difference does it make to you? This is just a pointless statement for no reason.

I do use TrackIR and know what he's talking about, and yeah, it is extremely frustrating that the cursor constantly bobs around while you're trying to click on something. Depending on circumstances, it makes clicking buttons very difficult. I have enough peripherals I don't usually have to fish around a cockpit for crucial controls, but it can make startup frustrating when your TrackIR is being ditzy and it takes you five tries to actually click the button.

My suggestion is something like a deadzone. Say you put the cursor over the button and unless your head moves +/- say 3' the cursor remains anchored from the head tracker. If you move your head very much, the cursor follows, then settles again once you stop moving your head so much.
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