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Magic Zach
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Note "Anything other..."
Originally Posted by Silver_Dragon View Post
Check the last Q&A video of Wags here (minute 30 and sub-sequence).
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When did development first start on the F/A-18 and for how long? What would you say was the biggest hurdle that you had to overcome as a team during the development period?

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KirkaFordis Rex
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I'd love to hear from Matt about the upcoming carrier module. Or anybody at ED about the plans for DCS in the next 6-12 months.
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what does the DCS roadmap look like? of course no ETA's or anything set in stone, just a bit of a look at the long term plan.
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Are there plans for Navy specific callsigns, or more callsigns in general?

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Q&A with either Chizh or c0ff would be nice.
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Is there any plan on improving the pathfinding of the AI gorund units?

Are you going to add new static buildings? Buildings like gas stations, embassies, or other civilian structures would be nice for mission editing.
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What are the longer plans for CA? (we have seen the "CA/RTS" job offer)

Why redfor planes are "too delicate" matter?

Is there any work in progress or at least plans related to improving target visibility/imposters/model enlargement e.g. on 1440p or 4K? (1080p works much better)
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Can we get more information on the "Flaming Cliffs 4" with four aircraft?

What time era will the planes of "FC4" be?

What kind of aircraft, air to air, air to ground, multi role, and mixture?

Is it currently a high priority project?

What kind of price range?

Or any information about FC4 really.
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I vote for info about FC4, specially the planes.
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