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Just a note, since I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, for scanning altitude/distance, your built-in kneeboard has a few graphs for just that purpose!
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Thats what those are?
Look let me clarify. Im sort of an idiot with math theory and physics. I can do some regular calculations. I can fly rhe plane except not refuel yet. Im fairly sucessful in combat in dce though.
But those graphs? Mean nothing to me.
I have been using RWS at 200 NM to find targets. I switch the TWS and MAYBE 100nm when I decide to attack. Since Im playing iran hard right now tactics are different - phoenix launches HAVE to be (since I cant use the raddar myself even if I learn at 500 ft its nuts) done high and in a dash. It helps improve PK. Taking phoenixes or more than 1 is like cheating but its so hard i dont care so i offen take 4 or 6.
Anyways..the cone concept I knew about bur mentioning it helped and rws helps. Switching to tws is good tho it sucks i wish jester would when on multiple tws targets either toggle thru them more or leave it on the closest for range. I constantly go stt choose target to see the range and dont select anything
I ripple a couple off at 40 miles even for fighters. Flying for the US you can wait untul 30 or less and get a almost def kill. Flying as iran in a single f14 or 2 ship vs USN and USAF its insanely dangerous even at 50miles. At 50 miles youre getting actively locked and missiles may be enroute. They wont warn until pitbull and dash towadds them itll be too late.
So its a game of nerves and timing. I let a couple go, the rest at 25-35nm
A few times Ive gotten 3 or 4 kills. Usually 1 or 2. Sometimes nada.
Another good one is firing a phoenix at 40, flying at a right angle on burner diving away. Evade and then fly away with them.on your six in zone 5. After you get some distance (only a couple min tho) pull a looop, and fire the aim 54s as soon as they shoe up on the radar. Ive caught many a pilot that way. Indeed Ive also gotten the aim54 in maddog acm mode that way, when surprised by a 6 o clock call I have flipped the switch and looped and fired 2 phoenixes upside down with my nose starting to point downwards. They track the enemy welll
Anyways sorry for the OT---
The Iranian campaign is really good because NO DATALINK. And tbose EWR sites WILL get taken out. So you end up needing to use the F14. Historically the iranians used f14s as almost awacs in the 80s.. i may mot have a human rio but i know I mist be able to get more out of the radar than I do now.
One worrisome thing is despite what anyone says my aim54s often strike the same plane and I see ghost contacts alot. How do I know? Theyte there. Turn away turn back gone. They come back. Turn away turn back gone. Id say oh theyre going behind terrain or dying but I checked the track file.
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Originally Posted by Sublimearrepentido View Post
A. So if tws is bugged are they?! And i found out you cant use them in rws shooting...
Skip to D
D Look seriously Im not just making this up to troll. I love the game. I opened a theead asking for a simple jester interrogate cmd because tcs is dicey va other f14s or fighters. And no not MP, try the DCE Iranian f14 vs US campaign. Fun but hard. Its not plain wrong. He does call it out a lot and Im specifically referring to STT. but either it glitches when he has a lot of readouts and gets spoken over or something, but Ive had 10 plus incidents in the last 2 weeks (in over 100 missions easy. Its not gamebreaking but almost all wouldnt have happened) in all cases but perhaps 2 I had the target locked and was unsure if it was friendly or not for over a minute. Stt lock. And jester did call out... except he merely did the TARGET! xx Miles! After over a minute Id cave and fire. Against red air its dangerous. I suspect the campaign will be really spicey when the A hits. As it is, fighting other Tomcats, you CANT afford to hesitate firing.
F. Again.. im not erich hartman. But i this for dcs and occasionally the huey. So in effect this is all I play. Played since release. Love it. Maybebthebtarget notches me, but Ive seen others complain. Almost all I dont know. A few I do know at least are good sticks and know their ps and q.s im not talking about losing locks in crazy situations. Im talking like a non maneuvering enemy F18A (standing in for A6) flying slower than it can go max, steady, no a2a, with about 16 mk 82s. At 30 miles. Locked variously at 30 20 10. Lock would.drop for. No reason, Im on autopilot same altitude heading directly at and another time.astern. i have other examples. Again its not game breaking... still, i remember some people got banned complaining about missile behavior ed insisted was fine and suddenly they revamped missiles and adressed rhe exact complaints (lol. That the missiles tracked you thru ground)
F.oh. well i mean.. if youre still locked down try dce. I wont mess with campaigns either. Dce is different man. It feels real. Damage is persistent. You can affect the war but only realistically. Youll see one sides ewr or sams ability get degraded. What i mean is you affect it is if you say kill 2 enemy awacs it will probablt have an outsized effect on the ais abilities.
Just check it out
Thanks for your!!
Sorry, you lost me there. Must be the language barrier. Glad to have helped, have a nice week!
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@captain_dalan: Why did you suggest to keep level while ordering radar elevation for Jester?

@Sublime: Sorry, no offence, but you're hard to read and you ask more and more questions every post like machinegun fire
Keep it simple:
RWS - for searching and get SA on the area. You don't fire here. You need lock or TWS designations.
TWS - to prepare and fire against multiple targets and keep 54s up to their activation.
STT - to prepare and fire against one target at a time up to the hit.
When in merge or close enough (let's say less than 15nm) use pilot radar modes for radar missiles and gun, SEAM to lock with AIM-9.

When I use russian birds and also have set native comms I hear comms in russian and they use metric system - alt in meters, distance in km and bearing/heading normally in degrees.

IMHO good campaigns and missions give more immersion (than what you say about DCE) with their voiceovers and real life behaviors like targets bugging out, our flights retreating, sometimes good battles, random situations and action changes, new orders coming - yes, scripted, but life-like. I personally don't use DCE because of mods intollerance
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