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I've tried the ExportScript a bit now. I have a real AJS37 simulator that I want to run using DCS and then I thought that the DCS ExportScript would be a good solution.

I already have software to communicate with all the hardware, since it's many different interfaces (synchro-motors, AC-servos, bulbs, solenoids, buttons etc.) that currently runs with Prepar3d.

I have managed to connect this to the UDP socket of the ExportScripts, but I can't figure out how to increase the rate of communication so that the real instruments move in a smooth way, and how to send the full data set every now and then since I can't be sure that my software always run when DCS is first started (and all variables are sent once).

I did look into the Config.Lua-file, and tried to lower the ExportScript.Config.ExportInterval and ExportScript.Config.ExportLowTickInterval without any effect. I also thought that ExportScript.Config.FirstNewDataSend and ExportScript.Config.FirstNewDataSendCount would mean that the full dataset is sent every X packets, but that doesn't seem to happen.

Can you help me to do this using these scripts?

This is how my Config.lua looks like:
ExportScript.Config = {}
ExportScript.Version.Config = "1.2.1"

-- Ikarus a Glass Cockpit Software
ExportScript.Config.IkarusExport    = true         -- false for not use
ExportScript.Config.IkarusHost      = ""  -- IP for Ikarus
ExportScript.Config.IkarusPort      = 1625         -- Port Ikarus (1625)
ExportScript.Config.IkarusSeparator = ":"

-- D.A.C. (DCS Arcaze Connector)
ExportScript.Config.DACExport        = false        -- true for use
ExportScript.Config.DAC              = {}
-- first hardware
ExportScript.Config.DAC[1]           = {}
ExportScript.Config.DAC[1].Host      = "" -- IP for hardware 1
ExportScript.Config.DAC[1].SendPort  = 26026       -- Port for hardware 1
ExportScript.Config.DAC[1].Separator = ":"
-- secound to n hardware
--ExportScript.Config.DAC[2]           = {}
--ExportScript.Config.DAC[2].Host      = "" -- IP for hardware 2
--ExportScript.Config.DAC[2].SendPort  = 9092        -- Port for hardware 2
--ExportScript.Config.DAC[2].Separator = ":"

-- Ikarus and D.A.C. can data send
ExportScript.Config.Listener         = false         -- false for not use
ExportScript.Config.ListenerPort     = 26027        -- Listener Port for D.A.C.

-- Other
ExportScript.Config.ExportInterval         = 0.03	-- export evry 0.05 secounds
ExportScript.Config.ExportLowTickInterval  = 0.3	-- export evry 0.5 secounds
ExportScript.Config.LogPath                = lfs.writedir()..[[Logs\Export.log]]
ExportScript.Config.ExportModulePath       = lfs.writedir()..[[Scripts\DCS-ExportScript\ExportsModules\]]
ExportScript.Config.Debug                  = true
ExportScript.Config.SocketDebug            = false
ExportScript.Config.FirstNewDataSend       = true
ExportScript.Config.FirstNewDataSendCount  = 10
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Using DCS-ExportScript successfully to output plane data. Awesome script.

Hoping i'm posting in the correct thread here, but I'm wondering if anyone can poke me in the right direction.

I would like to change the output for a given piece of data.

For example, Heading is displayed as a range from 0.0000 to 1.0000, 0.5000 being 180 degrees. I can obviously take 0.5 * 360 to get my correct 180 heading displayed but am having trouble figuring out where to get the variable data from in the export plane lua file.

In P-51D.lua (DCS-ExportScript) within the ExportScript.ProcessIkarusDCSConfigHighImportance(mainPanelDevice) function

ExportScript.Tools.SendData(2001, string.format("%d", (0.12345678 * 360)))

allows me to monitor the DCS ID of 2001 and correctly takes the decimal number 0.12345678 and formats it to heading of 44 degress.

What i need to figure out now is how to get the raw heading data as a variable, for exampe:

MyGyroHeading = liveData
ExportScript.Tools.SendData(2001, string.format("%d", (MyGyroHeading * 360)))

Have played with GetDevice(20) which seems to return an Array

I digress, need to figure out how to find the variables and access them. Something like:
myGyroHeading = ExportScript.gyroheading[1]['value']

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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In case anyone haps upon this looking for the answer to my above questions I asked (about applying modifiers or math to the data), I edited my planes export dcs lua file and added the following to the following:

function ExportScript.ProcessIkarusDCSConfigHighImportance(mainPanelDevice)
     ExportScript.Tools.SendData(2001, string.format("%d", (mainPanelDevice:get_argument_value(12) * 360))..'°')
This now creates a new ID that i can monitor "2001" that displays 180° for my heading instead of 0.5000

Now I can apply similiar formatting to all the other values that look strange.
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Using the principles above and stream deck, now showing live data on my stream deck. plan to first create an icon set for the p-51, currently using button icons from tons of other peoples work, then build an f/18 pit.
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Very Nice!!!
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