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Originally Posted by Redglyph View Post
I checked Caucasus and Nevada, smooth. Normandy just needs a lot of optimizing, apparently. Or a powerful system.
I have a overclocked 5960x and 2080ti FE, and it STILL runs like a dog in VR. 38fps with all the options turned down? Really... So no, I can safely say it's nothing to do with the power of one's system.

Further, it's at most two thirds of a map anyway: one third sea, one third an acceptable-if-slow representation of Normandy, and one third a down right embarrassing representation of south-east England. I live there, and to see randomly-placed woodland, no rivers, no railways or roads, and even major settlements completely omitted from the map... And what on earth are these random cliffs mid terrain (see screenshot)?! Unnacceptably sh12 for a paid-for product. No, buy the Kurfürst and wait for the DCS Channel map to come out.

I know I've written a bit of a sh12post here and I apologise, but seriously, compare this with any competitor's products (even those outside of DCS) and it's a bit of a joke to charge for a map of this quality.
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^ Well, to be honest the UK coast was not planned to be there at all at first, and was thrown in shortly before release in '17 with a caveat, that it would be extremely simplified representation only to have a few airfields on the left side of the map, without any other features or plans to add them in the future for that matter. So we've got exactly what we were told we would get, nothing more.

That being said, if the map still causes severe performance issues for some users as it seems, it's not a recommended full-price purchase with ED's Channel map on the horizon.
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This map is very nice for WW2 scenarios. I have zero issues with it.
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Default Bad download?

Wonder if I should re-download the trial Normandy Map? I'm experiencing terrible frame rate issues. Was about to remove the map from my library, but decided to check the forum for a fix. I haven't purchased yet, and will not if the current experience continues.
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I don't see too much difference in performance playing on Normandy compared to the rest DLC map.

But I noticed that there are specific mission for specific aircrafts where those "huge and going high alt" smoke effetcs are presented (for the sake of D-day immersion I guess) and with those the performance drops a lot.

Are you sure your FPS issues are not due to these custom missions and its visual effects? Have you tried the performance of Normandy with a custom mission built by yourself without these effects?
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It seems to confirm a high-end PC is required.

If I try a simple stand-alone mission, I see those problems (crawling below some altitude, and so on). I tried one of the quick missions with 10-20 aircraft, but I had to kill the process manually because I lost any control over DCS.
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