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Originally Posted by QuiGon View Post
Well, if it's not relevant for you then why're you asking?

I am sorry for the missunderstanding. I am thankful for the advices how to improve possibilities to fly in the night.

It just was not my very initial intention. I just was concerned, that I broke my settings somehow.

I flew the advanced training mission of landing - There, it's dark, and with bad weather - no moon
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I see
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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!

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This needs to be addressed.. I can't believe huge servers like TTI have 2 hours of night time at every reset, no one can see a damn thing... but of course if you complain about this some blowhard tells you "Learn to use ILS, welcome to Winter, its dark... blah blah blah"

with regards to night lighting, all I want is a DCS megafan to admit that its not the perfect lighting solution, rather than hot air excuse of "well thats night time, trust me, night is dark!"

case in point, sit in dark plane, turn on flashlight, point it at mountains 10km away, somehow mountains light up? or at least somehow the landscape seen through that light through canopy is brighter

Step outside IRL. if you live near a major airport, you will see planes in the night sky, you can see blinking airliners going over 30k feet. step into DCS and you can't see any blinking lights on any plane, let alone the insanely bright nav and taxi lights that you would see IRL, that are blinding even in real life. The snowbirds come flying at you with lights on in broad daylight, and the first thing you see is the lights, before anything else!

and what is upsetting, apparently its going to get worse before it gets better seeing as updates like to break lighting on stuff like black shark, huey, and things generally seemed to get darker over time in DCS for whatever reason - see some of the missions made for dark are almost unplayable according to some (SU25 difficult landing mission) since Chizh confirmed, that new night lighting tech will be in new maps only, as it requires significant changes to the maps. Some planes are straight up not useful for night ops because they have no way of getting around the darkness, such as F5-E.

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