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Originally Posted by Lucas_From_Hell View Post
From another post, a tip I got from a real Tiger pilot:

I cannot stress how much of a difference this makes in handling, particularly at slower speeds. You need to get the timing right, generally speaking bring the rudder back to the middle almost a second before where you want the nose to stop. You can make very sudden reversals at a relatively minor speed penalty.

The Tiger can be very stable at higher angles of attack but it likes to go there too often, so be mindful of how much you pull otherwise it will bleed a lot of speed.
Great tip Lucas,

I started using a lot more rudder when trying to shake a pursuer, but I haven't got that timing right. The high G loop with cross control is interesting. Will give that a go.


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I've seen some weird AI behavior, and a graphical problem.

The AI seems to have better acceleration and more drag than I do, as well as significantly improved turning rate. My speed is good and I know how hard to pull without pulling too much.

I set the AI to "good".

I had one engagement where we were at the merge, I padlocked*** him, and he wasn't physically on the screen. We must have passed with a half-mile.

*** I started using padlock as I have noticed other aircraft actually physically disappear off the screen. I have managed to find video of this ocurring, too, so I know it isn't isolated to my system.

Unfortunately I do not have video of the ghost encounter I had. I know the aircraft was there as he was pinging my RWR and was set to engage at that location. Padlock "saw" him too, but I had nothing. I just turned around anyway, and when he got within a couple of thousand feet of me he just appeared.

I'm no novice at dog-fighting - I used to compete in Falcon.

Nothing has never made me as insanely crazy as DCS during dog-fighting. Visually acquiring targets is not only hard in DCS, but apparently buggy as well.
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Could be my words. I never learned how to fight with F-5. Watched some tiger training videos, and it looked like we were flying a different jet. I also bought the BFM campaign, but got nowhere with it, so I uninstalled the plane, got so frustreted. Now I’m happy with my Spit and M2K.
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