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Originally Posted by oho View Post
Thanks. Did you fly according to the waypoints in georgian oil war. There are some way behind enemy lines which are suicidal. Any tipps on GOW?
I haven't played GOW yet, but don't focus so much on crossing the border, you need to do that a lot in many campaigns and missions, it's how it's used. You flying a helicopter, fly low and slow. Snipe out your targets and sneak out of there. Take your time.
Regarding waypoints, I mostly follow them, but during some missions I only follow them up to my targets. After finishing my objectives I go back the way I came, sometimes there are quite many enemies on your way out if you follow the planed route. I don't see a reason to go another way out if you already have cleared the way in.
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Originally Posted by Holton181 View Post
I believe many would say the Vergeev Group:
I just flew the second, and most dreaded mission earlier today, so can't really comment on it yet.
Unfortunately only updated to 1.5.7, but a tremendous work by BBQ. One of the reasons why I will keep 1.5 installed for a while. Don't know if it works for 1.5.8, most likely there will be problematic in 2.5. One can only hope and dream it will be transferred to 2.5 some day.
Thanks for the tip!
I downloaded the Vergeev Group Campaign and played the first three missions in 2.5. It worked. In the second mission i just increased the trigger zones for the player so i will not miss any trigger.

The only issue that i had so far is that AI choppers can still fly through trees and because of that, sometimes your lead helicotper is invisible due to trees.
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