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Hmm, I will think about what method I will use.
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Originally Posted by Grodlund View Post
I use the software to bind everything. Saves me the trouble of re-binding my coontrols everytime ED decides to wipe our settings.
Never re-bind any keys in DCS.
Yeah, there are plusses and minuses to whatever way we do things. I used to do it the way you describe, but I wasn't happy that:

(a) Changing planes in the middle of a DCS session meant I had to go back to the desktop and select a new Saitek (/Logitech) profile. Or do you standardise keypresses between all DCS modules so there's only one Saitek (/Logitech) DCS profile?

(b) Shifted keys. I might press two HOTAS buttons at once. One of those buttons might map to <shift>W and the other might map to R. Mightn't DCS think <shift>R is being pressed? Do you avoid creating any Shift/Ctrl/Alt keypresses in your DCS Keyboard mapping?

I'm happier letting DCS manage all HOTAS functions and having a single simple Saitek DCS profile. But you've a good point, there was one time I needed to remap *everything* for all modules I own. That was not a good weekend.
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