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Probably would be as a relatively easy first map to learn the ropes, but as far as I recall, 3rd party map projects are shelved now.

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having some wrong versions of planes and a vietnam map is still better than having none and flying them in caucasus or any other map, as we do now, where they partly never saw action and we still do enjoy it
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Thumbs up for Vietnam. But recently discovered, ED buys complete 3D models and computes animations and flight physics on brought models. That's been done by them.
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If Vietnam can be a plan, I really hope a couple of Century series fighters like the F-104 or F-105 can be there

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honestly i dont care about vietnam maps, i want EX jUgoslavia theater with northen adriatic,alps,coastline of Italy, Slovenia, croatia, it would be ****ign awesome.
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I suppose someone could do a modern Vietnam map. That map could be used for earlier scenarios for people wanting to sim the Vietnam war. After all, the plane models are not exactly correct either.
Personally I'm happy with any useful maps/planes
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