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Sorry to hear that, mate. You gave your best. Thanks for all you have done for the community, despite everything that happened. Hope you all the best in your future endeavours.
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Salute Cubanace,

I don't know you or your work but that does not stop me from realizing that the community is losing a valued asset. Lossing any member of this small community that has been willing to give their time free of charge is just a shame. I don't know why you feel like you failed or the reasons for your departure but I would like to say "Thank you". I hope that after some time you will come to miss the DCS community and reconsider your departure. Even if your involvement is not the same as it once was I'm sure our community would be better off with you being part of it then not.

I wish you luck and hope we see you back in the DCS sky sometime soon.
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How is it that a dedicated and talented person who has give hours of his own time to bring something to us at no cost decides to hang up his hat ??
The community should always support someone like this,
what have you done to make Frank leave us ???
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I remember your first post here. You should be proud of the amount of progress you’ve made since then. Certainly more than I have. It’s going to suck having one less voice in modhub. I hope everything’s alright with your health as well. Thanks for everything.
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Cubanace is "cubanaced", figuratively speaking...
So many words and hypes and none of your projects was completed.

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Originally Posted by Morkva_55 View Post
Cubanace is "cubanaced", figuratively speaking...
So many words and hypes and none of your projects was completed.

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Originally Posted by Morkva_55 View Post
Cubanace is "cubanaced", figuratively speaking...
So many words and hypes and none of your projects was completed.

I honestly disagree with you here and would appreciate it if you kept that negative attitude out of here.

Cuban never "hypes" is content but instead created a page to share the progress he had made with the PAK-FA as a learning experience.

Best of luck Cuban with your future endeavours!


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I try refrain from posting in these forums in general nowadays and I don’t know the specifics of this situation BUT Morkva55 is an amazing modder and contributor to the community.
I have known him for many years and he has never been rude or negative.

I am guessing there is a level of frustration involved when you create a lot for the community like Morkva does without making big threads about it.
Some folk wrap the community up in threads with promises that never materialise.
I’m reminded of another guy that spent a year trashing the TM Warthog stick because he was going to ‘make a better one for cheaper’ and then disappeared.

Perhaps the lesson here is we should all be more like Morkva, if you want to make something - just do it and hand it out to the community. Don’t look for the appreciation upfront.
Anyway that’s my guess as to why Morkva posted the above.
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I would suggest contacting cubanace via PM

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