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Default [NO BUG] Gunsight broken

Is this known? Or any solution? Fiddling with the range/wingspan axes didn't help, just rotates that strange texture. No mods. Repair done already. Had this even before going to 2.5 already and I think I reported it back then... upon release the sight was OK as far as I remember.

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Edit: Scrap it. I thought I had no mods (except for my edited default.lua for joysticks with "combos = {xyz}, " removed)... had a whole copy of Cockpit\Scripts in there, probably a very old one, and I still wonder why...
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Still, looks like a texture issue. A script mod should not affect it I think. Might be gfx options related, as I can confirm it displays OK on my PC (textures on high).

P.S. - completely on a sidenote, you might want to try switching cockpit global illumination off. The gfx quality will be comparable, but you will gain a few fps.
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I've flown it quite a bit and never seen anything like that.
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