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Default DCS World Newsletter - 20 July 2018

NS 430 Update
In addition to the NS 430 GPS navigation and communication system being available as cockpit instrument for the Mi-8MTV2, we are now offering it as a cockpit instrument for the L-39 and as a 2D, mouse-interactive Pop-Op Window for most other aircraft. The 2D Pop-Up Window (not currently VR compatible) is available for all aircraft that don't already have a modern navigation and communication system. This allows you to use the NS 430 for many aircraft like all the World War II aircraft, Korean War era aircraft, Flaming Cliffs/MAC aircraft, and others.

This version is now available from our e-Shop for $10.99 USD.

As a special bonus to current owners of the NS 430 for the Mi-8MTV2, we are offering you the Pop-Up Window version for free!

In addition to the three separate NS 430 products (L-39, Mi-8MTV2, and Pop-Up Window), we are also offering two bundle deals:
Persian Gulf Map for DCS World Update
This week we launched our first major update to the Persian Gulf map! In addition to adding the large Iranian airbases of Shiraz and Kerman, it also greatly expands the map with a larger detailed area with higher resolution elevation and textures. Further, many new towns and cities have been added, the Gate Hotel in Dubai, as well as an expanded road and rail network in Iran.

This update brings the Persian Gulf map to almost the same size as the Caucasus map and provides many more gameplay options and a much larger battleground to fight in.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Update
Also this week we added several new features and resolved several bugs for the Hornet. Highlights of this update include:
  • Aircraft no longer slide on the carrier deck, at any carrier speed.
  • STT track will not switch lock uncommanded.
  • RADAR SIL (radar silence) and STBY mode has been implemented.
  • RWR display logic has been further improved, with critical threat lines added.
  • Option on ME to select single or ripple release (was not in fact merged for last update)
  • DUD cue added for when HT or fuze setting is below current aircraft AGL.
  • RWS page SET and weapon and count added when a weapon is in priority.
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG) added.
  • Instrumented Carrier Landing System (ICLS) added.
  • Landing gear drag lowered.
Many of these items are highlighted in the video

DCS: M-2000C – Red Flag Campaign

Now available on Steam

The M-2000C Red Flag Campaign is a story-driven campaign that takes place during an extraordinary Red Flag exercise at the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR). The campaign backstory revolves around growing hostilities between Iran and its neighbors and a partially successful coup that takes place in the United Arab Emirates, effectively splitting the country in two.

You will take on the role of a deputy commander of a 10-ship strong detachment of M-2000C interceptors from the 02.005 Fighter Squadron "Île-de-France". In preparation for war in the Persian Gulf, your detachment, and those from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland and the Netherlands, will spend two weeks at the NTTR to hone your skills.

All of the missions are based on extensive research of actual Red Flag exercises and will each include interesting facts and stories from previous runnings of the exercise.
  • 16 story-driven missions
  • Over 3,000 voiceovers performed by more than 40 voice actors
  • Returning characters from the M-2000C Caucasus campaign
  • Highly detailed mission briefings, maps, and other documents that includes Air Tasking Orders and Data Sheets based on actual counterparts use by the US and French Air Forces
  • Many of interesting background facts and stories from past Red Flag exercises
  • Preparation for upcoming DCS campaigns in the Persian Gulf
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Default DCS World Newsletter - 27 July 2018

DCS World 2.5 Release Version Update
This week we moved a large number of improvements from the Open Beta to the Release version of DCS World 2.5. You can read the complete changelog here.

Highlights of the Release version update include:
  • All terrains updated with improved file structure and adjusted shaders. In particular, the detailed area of the Persian Gulf map was expanded north and east. This includes the airfields at Shiraz and Kerman, higher resolution terrain mesh and textures, new and improved shaders for trees, expanded road and rail network, new agricultural areas, and new towns and cities. While the detailed area of the map is now complete, we do plan to add additional airfields and landmarks within the area over the next few months. Additionally, we are working on new units to populate this map like the SS-1 “SCUD”, Rapier and SA-2/HQ-1/S-75 SAMs, and the HY-1 “Silkworm” anti-ship cruise missile.
  • Cloud ceiling now correctly matches Mission Editor settings.
  • Corrected Search and Engage AI tasks.
  • Many new features and fixes for the Hornet were added like network spawning on the carrier when catapult 1 is occupied, corrected uncommanded STT switching, added radar SIL mode, added single and ripple rocket pod settings in the Mission Editor, night vision goggles added, and the Instrument Carrier Landing System (ICLS) was added.
  • The AJS-37 has also seen many improvements like several crash fixes, adjusted RB-24J and 74 performance, added real-time mirror rendering, completed the manual, added rain drops on canopy effect, and greatly improved the night lighting.
  • NS 430 2D panel support added for all aircraft but A-10C, F/A-18C and Ka-50.
Next week, we will provide the next update to the Open Beta.

DCS: Yak-52 Update
Our Yak-52 is very late in development and in final tests. In addition to putting the flight model through its paces with the help of actual Yak-52 pilots, we are also fine tuning the interactive training missions. The Yak-52 will be released next month!

More WIP screenshots

Having direct access to a Yak-52 from “The First Flight” Russian close formation aerobatic display team, we’ve been able to model the aircraft in extreme detail and accuracy. One element of this is the sounds of the aircraft. On multiple occasions we have sent our sound team to a local airfield near Moscow to capture the cockpit and external sounds.

During one recording session, we recorded a video of it.

  • External sounds were captured at various engine RPM settings and from different microphone vantages such as all around the aircraft, fly by, passes at different altitudes, and aspect angles.
  • Inside the cockpit, the focus was also on engine RPM at various settings, but also on switch clicks, the pneumatics (landing gear, flaps, and brakes), canopy opening and closing, etc.

The sounds environment will be as if you were there in the cockpit!

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Update
Each two week cycle we are adding more and more new features to the Hornet while addressing bugs as they pop up. Our current focus for the rest of July and next month is on the following:
  • Complete the AIM-7 with addition of FLOOD, Home On Jam (HOJ), and LOFT sub-modes.
  • Integrate AIM-120B/C for STT employment (TWS employment will come later).
  • Integrate AIM-9X Block I. This includes both flight dynamics and new tones. Afterwards, in August or September, we will add the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS).
  • Complete RWS air-to-air radar mode with such features as Non-Cooperative Target Recognition (NCTR), AACQ mode, Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) mode, Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) settings, ability to change radar settings with TDC along outside of radar tactical area, radar speed gate setting, COLOR option, and more.
  • Complete radar warning receiver functionality with contact symbols and modifiers, EW HUD, and the OFFSET function.
  • Integrate Paveway II series laser-guided bombs (GBU-10, 12, and 16) with JTAC designation.
  • Further tuning of flight model with touch and go performance, gear drag, half flaps drag, takeoff pitch characteristics, and extreme angle of attack performance.
  • Brightness control for the HSI display.
  • Multiplayer carrier deck spawning issues.
  • Wingtip vortices errors at low airspeed.
There are certainly more items that we will be addressing over the next month. This is just a list of 10 of them.

Since our last list of Hornet academic training missions in a newsletter, we have two more:

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Default DCS World Newsletter - 3 August 2018

DCS: Yak-52 Now Available!

DCS: Yak-52 early access will initially be available as part of the DCS World 2.5 Open Beta.

The Yakovlev Yak-52 is a tandem seat, radial engine, trainer aircraft that served as the primary aircraft trainer for the Soviet Union and many other nations. Introduced in 1979, the Yak-52 has been a popular choice among air forces given its rugged construction, ease of handling, tricycle landing gear, and simple maintenance. These same characteristic have made it a popular civilian aerobatics aircraft in its later years.

The Yak-52 is powered by a single Vedeneyev M-14P, nine-cylinder radial piston engine with 360 horsepower. We have created a new radial piston engine simulation from the ground up with a highly-realistic engine cooling model. The aircraft is very response given an empty weight of just one ton and large controls surfaces. Capable of pulling over 7 G and pushing up to negative 5 G, it’s no wonder the Yak-52 has been popular with aerobatic teams around the world.

More screenshots

The DCS: Yak-52 provides a realistic pilot training progression from the Yak-52, to the L-39C jet trainer, to modern fighters like the MiG-29 and Su-27.

Purchase in DCS e-shop

Key Features:
  • Professional Flight Model that duplicates the flight characteristics of the Yak-52.
  • Detailed and realistic simulation of post-stall behavior that allows edge-of and out-of-envelope maneuvers.
  • Complete systems modeling of the Yak-52 that includes the engine, fuel, electrical and pneumatic systems.
  • Realistic, mouse-interactive cockpit in which almost all controls can be interacted with.
  • Accurate external and cockpit sounds that were recorded from a Yak-52.
  • Interactive training missions included. Learn to start up, taxi, takeoff, and land the Yak-52 like a real pilot.
  • Multiple liveries as both a military trainer and civilian aerobatic aircraft.
  • Cooperative multiplayer. Fly with a friend in the same aircraft.
  • Full virtual reality support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Mixed Reality, and others.

Yak-52 FAQ

DCS World 2.5.2 Open Beta Update 8
In addition to providing support for the DCS: Yak-52, update 8 for the DCS World Open Beta bring several other improvements.
DCS changelog
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Default DCS World Newsletter - 10 August 2018

DCS: Yak-52
Last week we launched our Yak-52 into early access and we are ecstatic about its great reception! This week we moved DCS: Yak-52 to the release version of DCS World. Next week, 15 August, the Yak-52 will be available on Steam. Since the early access release, we’ve seen some great videos:

DCS World - Yak 52 - Review by Jabbers

DCS 2.5 Persian Gulf - Yak-52 - First Look by Hellreign82

Purchase now in DCS e-shop

We are now focused on bringing the Yak-52 out of early access with the following improvements already accomplished internally, and coming to you next week in the DCS World Open Beta:
  • Post-stall flight dynamics improved
  • Corrected propeller rotation direction
  • Added wheel chocks
  • Fixed the co-pilot always being displayed in the cockpit
  • Added solo flight configuration (the possibility to fly without the co-pilot, which has effect on flight dynamics)
  • Corrected the 3 bladed prop texture issue
  • AI ejecting through a closed canopy is now fixed
  • The skin texture template has been released
  • Corrected radio presets from the Mission Editor radio control menu

More screenshots

Work continues on the following elements to bring the Yak-52 out of early access:
  • Addition of damage modelling
  • Realistic oil temperature behavior during different flight modes
  • Add unique Yak-52 starter sound
  • Faster engine turn over at start up
  • Corrected rudder input levels while airborne
  • Pitch behavior with lowering of flaps
  • Many other bugs and improvements

DCS World Release Version Update
This week we moved the new DCS World Open Beta content to the Release version. In addition to adding the Yak-52,
other important changes include:
  • Improved helicopter landings on the USS Stennis
  • Partially corrected network spawning errors on the USS Stennis, and corrected spawning of 4th client
  • Implemented initial test of new missile guidance logic, with Patriot as the testbed
  • Adjusted Hornet HUD coating
  • Added Hornet radar page TDC control
  • Added initial AIM-120 test for the Hornet
  • Multiple AJS-37 and Hawk T1 fixes and improvements

You can find the complete change log on the DCS forum

HY-2 “Silkworm” Anti-ship Cruise Missile
As we continue to add more content to the Persian Gulf Map, an import aspect is adding new weapon units to help create engaging and realistic missions and campaigns. An important weapon system of the region is the Chinese-built HY-2 “Silkworm” anti-ship cruise missile. Operated by Iran along it’s coastal regions, the HY-2 is ground-launched and is a significant threat to shipping in the Persian Gulf, and specifically, passing through the Strait of Hormuz.

More screenshots

Along with SA-2 and Rapier SAMs, SCUD short-range ballistic missiles, and other new units, the HY-2 will make the Persian Gulf map even better!
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