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Default F 18C addon grip

In what condition's would, or is the ( reese event ) switch used?

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Blanks the HMD for one.
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Like many of the Hornet's HOTAS functions, it has a bunch of functions depending on what you're currently doing. And like other functions in the Hornet it's uses have changed over time. In the original A model Hornets it was used for creating "event marks" in the aircraft's flight data computer for later review, and could be used to activate reconnaissance systems on a properly equipped aircraft. I don't know if either of those functions exist on the C model anymore.

So far I'm aware of 3 functions for the button:

With TDC Priority on the SA page, it activates "MIDS Expand," whatever that is.

With TDC Priority on the AGM-65F Maverick page, it toggles force correlate mode on and off.

Any time it's not being used by something else, it blanks the HMD. Right now, I think this is the only function that's modeled in DCS.

I expect it'll do other things as well.
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