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Default Game freeze when hit with AI F-5 missile

This happened twice in a row to me on the GAW server, the most recent of the two was at approx 12:45pm UTC May 23, in case logs are needed from them. The same series of events leading up to the crash happened in both cases, so it seems to be reproducible. The server remained running but my client completely locked up.

Aircraft: Flying the A-10C Osan livery in VR with the Vive at night with NVGs. Loadout varied between the two crashes but the common items were AIM-9M x 2 on the aircraft right wing, Jammer pod (the one with the larger number) on the left wing, TGP on the right wing, GBU-38 x 4 on the two pylons just left and the two just right of center.

Scenario: An AI F-5 locked me, I activated the jammer in air mode, and looked around to try and spot the aircraft. The F-5 fired a sidewinder and I got the missile launch warning. I manually ran countermeasure program C while throttling back. I believe in both cases the missile hit (or the game froze) before the countermeasure program finished running.

Result: There was no missile impact noise. The game suddenly went entirely black and the audio froze and continued to play the game sound from that instant. SRS detected that it could no longer communicate with DCS and the "Game" icon switched to unplugged. DCS remained in this state for several minutes until I manually ended the process. It does not appear any crash logs were created.

I have attached a .zip of the dcs.log from the save game folder as well as the track file from that session.

Edit: system specs -
Ryzen 9 3900X
1080 Ti (driver version 445.75)
HTC Vive (steamvr 1.11.12 (1589480142))
1 TB M.2 drive
Windows 10

If anything else is needed please let me know!
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This seems to occur when hit with an SA10 as well. Same loadout and aircraft as above, but daytime and no NVG. There was a missile impact thunk and a master caution this time but otherwise the results were identical.

I have been hit by small arms without the game crashing but these are the only 3 missiles that have hit me while flying the A10 since the latest update. It's possible other missiles from other sources cause a crash as well.

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This is the log of my latest crash under the same conditions. Not sure what hit me, could have been a F5 or an IR-SAM.

Loadout was Mav-Ds, GBU-12, TGP, no NV on at that moment.
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I got the same result in an A-10A when hit by a R-3R from a MiG-21, so not only a A-10C - F-5 Problem.
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Thanks for the data, sadly I have not been able to reproduce on my system, the MP track replay did not reply correctly for me, probably due to the scripts.

If anyone has a short track replay showing this please attach it here.

If you do get the crash please use our auto submit also it does help the team

thank you
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The auto crash report tool is unusable for many people, myself included. The cursor disappears behind the window so it is impossible to see the cursor to click the submit button. I alt-f4 the crash reporter away out of frustration. I think it is related to VR. If the buttons were bigger it would be possible to guess their position and click them, but right now they're too small.

Anyway, this particular crash doesn't trigger the crash reporter nor does windows or steamvr register the dcs process as unresponsive. The game will happily sit in this frozen state for over 10 minutes (the longest I waited to see if something would happen).

So far it has been 100% reproducible on the Hoggit GAW server for me, but like you said none of my tracks seem to replay properly. I haven't tried other servers yet. Several people have mentioned the game crashing while flying the A-10 in the Hoggit discord, so if you have a tester available I'd recommend having them hop on the server and get shot down by a missile. I'll see what I can on my end to get you a usable track.

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I just recreated the crash again, this time in the Hoggit training server. I spawned in as the A-10C, same loadout as above, and flew over to the SA-2 and SA-3 sites. I'm not sure which one hit me, but as soon as the missile hit the game froze again. The track (which is probably unusable) and the log are attached. This should be a very easy one for you to recreate on the hoggit servers. I have not had a single instance where the game did not crash.
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Same here with latest open beta
I don't know the exact root cause, but it's linked to missile launches and missile warning system, one freeze I got when there was a SA8 launch, another freeze when a friendly F16 was launching a missile against a SU25.
This happened yesterday and today again on mission 2 of Georgian Hammer campaign
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Same problem here.

I've created a simple mission on Georgia with a SA-11 15NM out of my Spawn. All my Aircraft getting shot down without problem but the A10c. The Game crashes and i can't get back to windows. I need to reboot the whole PC.

Planes which the game works perfectly:

Only the A10 produce the Crash after a Missile hit. Doesnt matter if SP or MP.

My Built:
Win 10
I7 8700k @ 4,9ghz
32gb RAM 3200mhz
Geforce GTX 1070 | Driverversion 442.74
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I also experience consistent freezes/crashes when my A-10C is destroyed. It doesn't matter what destroys it, but whenever it takes enough damage and just before it should show me the external "death animation" it freezes.

It seems to be about error finding/loading the correct sound files.

See my log files in my own bug thread here:

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