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Sliding around on the deck is a uniquely tomcat thing. Specifically when the carrier is turning the tomcat does not stay with the ship. It'll slide a bit (like other modules do when rearming on a ship) but it does not return to its relative position on the ship. Meaning if you're on an elevator and the ship starts to turn, you will either fall off the ship or slide across the deck and fall off the other side.

I haven't seen this in other modules for a very long time.

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I've had this several times, including one today, where my left rear wheel fell through the deck, with no way to get it out again.
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I found this is slightly weirder than described. It impacts the RIO seat profoundly, whilst the pilot remains largely less affected.

I presumed this was a server-host issue as I was hosting, but then i swapped around pilot and RIO and the same RIO reported he was all over the place whilst i remained stable in the front.

It's especially windy (7kts or above) this because profound. Parked Tomcats tend to begin moving after a while until they hit something.
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