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Default Rookie pilots - Quick Intro

A fellow simmer PMed me on the other forums asking for a kickstart tips and resources. Well, there's no reason others shouldn't benefit from it and also no reason for me to rewrite that in the future

An effective rookie introduction
  1. Read on activations. Later will be too late. Go to game folder -> \Doc\ folder -> GUI manual
  2. Patch to the latest version as per instructions given on the forums
  3. Official documentation:
  4. Introductory topics on this forum:
    • Forum Rules - access via top forum bar
    • Forum FAQ - access via Quick Links - FAQ; if you skip this part you may miss some useful forum usage info like giving reputation or going to the original place a message has been quoted from
  5. Get additional resources:
    • Cockpit Tool Tips MOD by Baal
    • Flash Cockpit Trainer
    • dig through Eagle Wiki (access via top forum bar); you'll find Resources for New DCS:Black Shark Pilots section there which contains the famous How to Take Off and Blow Up Stuff guide and many more goodies
  6. Get the training working/substitute for DCS BS 1.0.2 (training has been removed by the patch due to track file playback issues).
  7. Controls configuration:
    - read the respective chapter in the GUI manual again
    - backing up and restoring
    - resetting to defaults
    - start with Axis tune -> Curvature of about 10-15 and work your way from there if you use anything worse than Thrustmaster Warthog
    - no dead zones
    see Joystick configuration tips and advices for the two points above
    - get rudder pedals they make a huge difference, not only in helicopter simulations
    - get a proper joystick/hotas already! Most mid/low priced joystick are the biggest limitation of the whole flight experience with such a high fidelity simulator like DCS series.

    Saitek and CH Products are the only manufacturers who use decent quality potentiometers/sensors (except Saitek Cyborg X and all similar released afterwards!). That or go for controls with hall effect sensors (Saitek X52 series, Thrustmaster Warthog...)

  8. Quick training:
    If you don't want to do your training chapter by chapter and training mission by training mission, prioritize some elements of the full training:
    • How to Take Off and Blow Up Stuff guide from Eagle Wiki
    • basic helicopter handling and limitations (blades intersection, vortex ring...) - Flight Manual
    • Ka-50 trim and autopilot system - DCS: Black Shark User FAQ
    • Ka-50 trim and autopilot system - new implementation - see 1.0.1 update readme
    • basic emergency procedures (engine(s) failure, emergency landings + autorotation) - Flight Manual
    • basic defensive systems (LWR and UV-26)
    • basic weapon employment
    • how to show map on the ABRIS and zoom in/out
    • watch selected producer's notes videos on the above topics - Downloads -> Videos

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