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Many thanks for all the feedback.

Hope there are some improvements for the multi-crew function, which is already broken, upcoming in the near future.
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One of the most striking questions I have in regard to the Gazelle is that of cyclic displacement during such a simple manoeuvre as transitioning into forward flight.

As I understand it, as you gain forward speed blow back (and parasitic drag at el) will force you to apply ever more forward cyclic displacement to maintain and or accelerate with a forward rate of travel.

Is this true for the Gazelle in real life?

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I guess I should check this section more. I just came to same conclusion about flattening the axes without "curves". I was using curves, but it was much harder. due to the huge ramp up at the ends of the curve. This Y axis adjusment is really good for ALL the helicopters. Everything is much easier and more predictable to fly.

Also... what did FragBum do to get banned?
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