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Default Ural-375 animation

Hi everyone,

Just a small minor wish for the new WIPs Ural-375s

Very simply would ED consider animating the suspension system to better represent reality? Rather than the current suspension animation which literally does the exact, polar opposite to what suspension is supposed to do - in that the main body of the vehicle bobs around randomly while all the wheels etc stay fixed.

Even if it's a fitted - for but not with kind of animation - (i.e present in the model but not functional in DCS itself - like for instance the turbine on the Mk20 Rockeye, the flight control surfaces on the new AIM-7s, AGM-62 and AGM-65s).

I mean on some vehicles, the backwards suspension system in DCS looks incredibly crude and worse of all wrong.

I know it's a niche wish, and it's only really relevant if we were to ever get better fidelity vehicles/vehicle modules but what the hell I'm posting it anyway.

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