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I might have lucked out for once in my life but still going strong on my XC Ultra from EVGA received 10/23 with +104 core and +607 on the memory (1214mhz effective), though I still like the thought of watercooling it to keep it running at it's highest boostclock, which is really only a difference of about 30mhz for the most part. 100% fan speed is pretty much 60C under full load which is where it begins to throttle from what I've paid attention to, although I've seen it get well up into the 80's when precision forgot my fan curve settings. I did update the BIOS per a link provided by EVGA for increased power target to 130%. Depending on ambient temp it settles at 2020-2050 boost clock and the highest I've seen is 2070.

Good luck finding a 1080Ti in stock at an authorized retailer, at least in the U.S. And yep.. 3rd party sellers are selling them for a $1300+ and in some cases may be voiding the manufacturer warranty by having purchased from an authorized retailer to supply their "stock" depending on the brand. Although ebay currently has some listed at reasonable prices, but not many. Personally, there's no way one of these people would ever get my money. Period. I find it pretty sleazy.

Used 1080Ti's still like $650 in some cases, some a bit lower perhaps. EVGA at least has a transferable warranty although you may have to ask for a copy of the original owner's invoice. A wingmate of mine from Australia went this route, which makes a lot of sense given the markup on tech even after currency conversion in the outback. But it should be noted that 1080Ti supply is dwindling.

On another note...I had a 90FPS experience flying over nevada today in free flight when I turned WMR's motion reprojection off in the Odyssey at 1.8PD with no MSAA, unfortunately I dropped as low as 68-70fps once I hit low altitude around vegas and other areas saturated with buildings, which ultimately means that ASW, ASR, or motion reprojection is still going to offer the smoothest gameplay experience at 45fps in VR even on the map that offers the best performance. At least when looking for clarity in text and cockpit guages. Vulkan or a few generations of GPUs may change that. Whichever comes first. Looking at DX12 and Vulkan performance in some recent titles has me thinking we just might see a significant FPS boost on most modern hardware when ED feels confident the DCS is ready for the vulkan API.

I really ought to see what this thing does on my monitor in DCS.
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I think this is a little overblown and not yet to the point of throwing out a stop sign for everyone considering upgrading. If you're on a really old card and you've been waiting, I wouldn't be scared by the slightly higher than normal failure rates being seen. Your card has a warranty, don't void it. If there turns out to be a defect found, odds are very strong that an RMA card is going to be fixed. If you're running a 1070-1080Ti or a Radeon Vega, I'd relax for a bit and let this work itself out as the upgrade for you won't be as major as someone coming from a much older card.

There is always risk in being an early adopter.
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