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Default Mission 2 is tricky to beat - Any help with Night Lighting VR

Hi guys,

The forums on here are huge; so many subtopics everywhere but I am glad that everything is in one shop (makes my life easier).

So I technically finished Mission 2 yesterday...Technically shot some birds, and got hit but before getting hit - I did tell my wingman to get attack bandits. So I ejected in time and I saw my wingman take out other birds and low and behold technically on the screen an option popped up for landing at different airport; I assumed mission is completed even though I ejected (I wasn't coming down at all weird).

Very cool mission at night but can someone help me with night issues. I just can not see anything in VR for this mission using Rift S. I had to use Gamma at pretty much Max to see stuff, but seeing the bandits is super challening.

Baltic_Dragon see my other thread with pics


Does anyone know what this cloudy haze is around the airplane? how do I remove it to see well.
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Answered in the other thread. I may add here that unless you're close behind the aircraft you're not suppose to see him at night (don't even try!). Use your radar instead (work it a lot, right angles, PRF and modes), listen to your wingman calls and from the AWACS.

At the end of the mission you can choose either Close (if not happy with the result, then have to refly) or End Mission (you'll pass the mission if win conditions were met = Result>50).
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I'm playing the campaign in the Viper at the moment, and I ended up adjusting the time forwards a bit to make things a little lighter. I simply had zero orientation in the total blackness.

Very fun campaign!

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