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Default Recommended axis curves?

Anyone have any they would like to share

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None. Works good.
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There is a none-linear option the game options 'special' tab, you could try.
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It depends on personal preference and hardware, so we can only really give you guidelines.

Generally what I do is have the stick in non-linear, take it up for a flight, and play with the curves until I reach a setting where it is heavy enough to provide stability and not feel "on edge" all the time, but not so heavy as to hamper maneuverability.

I generally have more pitch curve than roll (I think I must be at 10 on roll and closer to 20 in pitch), and I set a deadzone big enough to feel like it is there, but not so big as to require significant movement of the controls to register input.
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My only recommendation is to minimise deadzones so the smallest touch gives an input, but just basic vibration and hardware limits are filtered out; to keep it as linear as possible, but with just enough curve that you feel you can make precise tiny inputs (again, this will be very hardware-dependent — extensions, for instance, may remove the need entirely); and finally, perhaps most importantly, to use the exact same curves for everything so that you actually feel the difference in handling between planes.

Otherwise, you might superficially scrub out characteristics that may seem subtle but which make a huge difference in how they respond once you really start pushing the envelope. Learn to fly each plane rather than try to make all planes feel the same because 1) it won't happen, and 2) you lose the details that (even without FFB) gives you tactile feedback on how hard you're pushing things.
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