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Default Takeoff and land? Roll out after landing seems impossible

Especially land. How to land safely without a pirouetting and ground looping?

Given it must be three pointer. I apply 25 degree flap for neutral pitch trim. I see no point using full 60 degree flap and having to push the stick forward. The touch down speed will be near exactly the same in a three pointer.

After touchdown it seems impossible to keep a straight course. There is one way that works consistently pretty good and that is to apply full brake from even before touchdown. It will not flip over with stick full back. I want stick full back anyway because I think this stabilizes the run.

But applying brakes from even before touch down and until full stop seems like 'cheating'. There should be a way to keep the roll straight without 'cheating'.

Takeoff is 'easy'. Full throttle, pedals full right (like the Bf109), release brakes and ease off pedals gradually (all happens within seconds). Push a little forward to get the tail off the ground as quickly as possible. Counter roll.

Takeoff is fine. What I'm really looking for here is tips on how to keep it rolling straight on rollout after three point landing. I have not flown it much yet. It took me a month to finally get the Spitfire, so maybe just (a lot) more practice? Then again I thought the lessons from the Spitfire would transfer.
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Guess you got no help from this thread in the end?


It is a challenge to be sure, but that's part of the charm of the I-16, I'd hate to see it changed, but the rudder help option could do with a few tweaks.

Try no flaps, glide approach and be quick on the rudder, short inputs seem best, if the short input fails keep the rudder held on full.

Curves help massively too, so I could take a look and suggest what I have when I get a chance.

Otherwise it's practice.

Post a track, I could take a look and see if I have any suggestions if you want?

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