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Originally Posted by viper2097 View Post
I just tried to use this, but as soon as I click on the ".miz" button, the program just shut down. Any ideas?

Try to run it with Admin privileges (right click its shortcut -> Compatibility -> Run as admin)
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Tried that already.
Running on the steam version of DCS, install path is correct, tried also "open beta" and "custom" selection...
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Ok, I managed somehow to get it working. Great app, big benefit, thank you!

But i run into one problem:
Originally Posted by AlaskanGrizzly View Post

With version you can now insert kneeboard images into existing missions. The kneeboard will be global and visible to all aircraft. I haven't been able to figure out how to do selective kneeboards for each aircraft (if even possible).
Backup your missions before inserting a kneeboard just in case something goes wrong. (I have not had any issues yet with .miz files becoming corrupted, but you never know...)

1) From the 'Create Custom Kneeboard' tab, select the kneeboard groups you would like to add your mission(s).

2) Click on the '.miz' button on the lower right side of the window.

3) Select a single mission or multiple missions in the file browser dialog and click 'Open'.

4) Your selected kneeboard groups will be automatically inserted into each selected mission, overwriting any existing kneeboard already in the mission.

Tip: If you want to clear a kneeboard from a mission or missions, perform steps 2-3 without selecting any kneeboard groups to add.
It does not work for me to remove it from a mission.
If I am not moving a group to the right side in step 1, I can't click on the .miz button in step two, as it is greyed out.
Any advice?
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If it doesn't work don't use it. I have found KBB a very useful tool. But it's also finicky, and I have less headaches if I just use the basic features that work.

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I'd like to use Kneeboard Builder to simply move the kneeboard and maybe resize it since I use two monitors with Cougar MFD panels. The KBB website doesn't seem to have a guide on how to do this. Can anyone point me to instructions?

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Dynamic Mission Brief hangs the load of missions that dont have description...
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Default FYI need

Always had problems installing Kneeboard Builder having custom directories for both DCS and the Saved Games

had 4 blank pages that were the auto-mission briefings supposedly
did some thinking
copied from the KneeboardBuilder program install directory e.g.

".. <files>\KneeboardBuilder"
the directory
" .. <files>\KneeboardBuilder\Kneeboard Groups\General DCS World Kneeboard\Dynamic Mission Briefing\LuaPreviewImages"
has the 4 lua files for generating the mission data pages

and copy/add this to
"xx:\Saved Games\DCS xxxx\Kneeboard\

thus creating
"xx:\Saved Games\DCS xxxx\Kneeboard\LuaPreviewImages

et voila
4 mission data pages show again
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I just installed this wonderful software is kneeboard and I take this opportunity to thank his developer for us to make it available free of charge.

However, I have a problem because I can not create a profile. Indeed, in Options, I have kneeboard Profiles and then modify which is grayed out and Restore default.
I do not have Kneeboard Settings but only Kneeboard Profiles.

Is this normal?
So how to change the size of the kneeboard?

Thanking you.
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