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Vladimir Berkov
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I have the 15, the 21 and the F-86. Somehow I prefer the MiGs even though the Sabre is a beautiful plane. The 15 in particular is my favorite, it's just complex enough it's a challenge to learn all the systems, redundancies, emergency procedures, etc. But it's not so complex it's overwhelming. I like the cockpit layout and visibility in the 15 far more than the Sabre and though its handling gets very sluggish at high mach where the Sabre doesn't as much, I find I can fly the MiG a lot more smoothly overall.
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Interesting to read all these posts with the current sale on and these positive reports I'm very tempted to go for it.
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One of the best module in my opinion, get it.
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I got in a tangle in my F5 this evening with an all red Mig-15 and I ended up having to RTB due fuel. The Mig-15 is a very potent aircraft that was clear to me. Decision made, going to give it a try. Any of you guys who want to fly it multiplayer should have a look at the Cold War server it's really really good and all geared up for the older style of jets.

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Originally Posted by 9./JG26_Brigg View Post
Yeah it's pretty much perfect. Wish they would update the canopy reflections though as they do seem to be a bit much

Well this is a problem some modules have sadly and ED refuses to change it because they think it's realistic - while it's not- Those reflections are completely static and independant of the lighting. Especially in VR this looks weird, but with TIR as well. I'd very much prefer real reflections instead of this.

Nevertheless flying this thing is awesome. Always keep grinning when I bust some SHORADs or ZSUs. Why waste Mavs when you can just thump them down with pride and a very loud cannon?
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Alec Delorean
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I'm currently enjoying it in the museum relic campaign. It's one of those things you always like coming back to. Like a good old puristic roadster in a racing game.
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