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Originally Posted by shagrat View Post
There has been a project from Northrop that used the "glider model" and its data to develop something they now call a stealth bomber...

In addition there was a series of test flights with the H.IX v2 at Gotaer Waggonfabrik in Feb.1945 powered with the Jumo 004 jet-engine.
It just didn't make it beyond the prototype phase. Yet it has been the foundation to the B-2 project.
Northrop actually built a replica to evaluate the Ho 229s capabilities...
So the question is more how easy can one get access to their wind tunnel data etc.
Northrop never required Horton to build a wing flyer bomber or a "foundation to the B-2" has only a Hoax. The XB-36 was signed on 1941 and engine work strart on 1942.

The engines of the XB-49, was Allison J35, a engine started to a improve of the General Electric T31, build on 1943.
More news to the front
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Originally Posted by Jester986 View Post
The ME-262 was operational. The horton did I think 3 glide tests and never flew with engines running. It's impossible to get good data for it.
This has already been discussed. They are doing everything to make sure this thing will behave realistically or it won't happen:
Originally Posted by borchi_2b View Post
Hi Guys, a little update on that project.
We received some help and some good advices to collect real data on the Horten. We are about to get over 300 pages of declassified paper soon too. We will evalute them and decide in combination if we have a good source of info or not. I will also try to contact some institution soon too, cause there should be real life data available in some way.
If we can manage to get enough info on the flightbehavior and what it should be, we will probably proceed with that beauty. Untill then it is still on hold. I guess during the first quarter of the Year 2016 we will decide about the fate of this project.

Originally Posted by borchi_2b View Post
Hi everybody,

I do read fears about the flightmodel quite often here. We still will try to produce a plane that will behave like the original did or would have behaved.
We got some address and a good hint on some info that I already started to pursuit.
The documents have not arrived yet but I contacted another source last week, but do to the fact that we are into the Gazelle release at the moment, I did not focus to much on the HO229 lately. I try to see the upcoming week if the guys I contacted last week are able to help out or want to helpü out. Will see.

What I figured is, that there are informations available on the exact airframe and how it behaves.

Many ways lead to rome guys.

Nevertheless, I wish a happy weekend

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Originally Posted by Jester986 View Post
I have no desire to see an experimental aircraft that only ever flew as a glider made in DCS. There is no way to hold it to the dcs standard and it would just be a "what if" plane better suited for other sims.

It didn't just fly as a glider. The V2 flew with both jet engines 3-4 test flights. ;-)
Just getting the facts straight.

Edit says: Shagrat beat me on that one

Looking forward to it, Belsimtek!

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Horten Brothers continued its work in Argentina in the 50s.

They even designed a Supersonic Interceptor that never reached the prototype stage. While Kurt Tank was developing the Pulqui, later also dropped (for 38 F 86 Sabres offered by the US if the development was droped (and Peron deposed). Tank moved to India where his talents were more apreciated, while teh Horten Bros. remained here building Gliders...
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Originally Posted by Kappi View Post
It didn't just fly as a glider. The V2 flew with both jet engines 3-4 test flights. ;-)
Just getting the facts straight.

Edit says: Shagrat beat me on that one

the V2 did.... but not the V3, and certainly not the V4+ versions , latter of which are paper planes.



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Hi, its really interesting project, but original german horten had a bit differ shape in nose part:

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I think light-shadow-angle of photography have made this kind of shape ....
Same aircraft after 60 years....
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Horten_Ho_229_Smithsonian_front.jpg
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Looks close to Northrop Grumman project dummy HO-229
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I just came across this today wow I'm ready,love this plane good luck.


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Any word on this bird as of yet?
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