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Default Problems with new Gazelle with side door minigun

Hey Guys,,

A friend and I use have tried the new Gazelle with side door minigun in multiplayer but when I become co-pilot after "pending request" on my end the chopper begins to wind down and shutoff, yet my multiplayer friend is still able to fly us around..
Then when I try the side mounted minigun in his multiplayer chopper, I can move gun around but cannot fire the weapon..
We have both tried this new chopper in single mode and both agree we are able to fire gun with no problems,,

So just wondering if anybody else has the same multiplayer issue.?? Do you think it is a bug??

Thank you everyone,

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As I understand it there are some issues with multi crew of the Gazelle at the moment.
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Yes this is a bug. This happens to me if I am pilot and I have a gunner join after we have crashed and are selecting a new role. The only fix for now is both clients have to leave the server and rejoin. It has been reported but poly-chop has been on holiday so they aren't working on the gazelle at the moment.

It does work I might add just wanted to clarify that, but if you wreck your chopper you have to back out and rejoin the server to clear up the de sync between the two clients. There was a similar bug they squashed a while back where following a crash the noises from crashing and fuel pump sounds would continue to play in the new chopper. Needless to say they still have a lot of bugs to work on.
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