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Thank you for setting up this event. These events are really helping me keeping up with my training. Also thanks to everybody flying and participating.

Personally I don't like the SARH restriction in MP, but it's much more interesting for such in event where everybody is on comms.

I really hope that a human CGI forces better teamwork on the challenger side.

Congrats to the victorious aggressors, unfortunatly you completly demolished our last push.

“The guy you don't see will kill you.”

- Robin Olds
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Originally Posted by Frostie View Post
Great event again, awesome flying from everyone.
Fantastic job again Maverick and IronMike for setting everything up.

Kudos to Microvax who tied a few red fighters up North with his 1st AWACS attempt, congrats on the 2nd sortie success.

The challengers were more cautious this time around and allowed us to control the airspace for a majority of the time, great job from the 104th and SF squadrons holding the line. There were some fantastic missile evasions on show which highlights how much more of a spectacle this set up is, hopefully we can see more merges in the future. Having one life though makes everybody extremely cautious most of the time, long range defensive shots and hard locks from different angles by the defensive side early on limited a strong press from the challengers. Great fight at the end there after the strikers went down.

I'd advise the stream organisers to please run a delay with the stream as far as I am aware it was running real time. Watching back I see comments in the chat log from pilots who were still flying. As much as a great watch the stream is if you're flying in the actual event you shouldn't be clicking on the link, delay or not, thanks all.
Thanks for the Kudos ! You guys did a really good job at keeping me busy up there.

I also just finished my video on this redflag:

Basically I approached the flights holistically, so I didnt cut any footage from it. I sped up the parts which are not really important for telling the story.
If someone cant be bothered to watch the whole thing here some timestamps, although I do not really recommend to jump in anywhere before the second sortie.

Shit hits the fan on my first sortie [currently selected waypoint beeing the east pole of the AWACS track]:

Transfer complete for second sortie:

Run in on AWACS during the second sortie [currently selected waypoint beeing the east pole of the AWACS track]:

Way too close encounter with Frostie:

Hope you guys like it, constructive criticism is very welcome.

*unexpected flight behaviour* Oh shiii*** ! What ? Why ? What is happening ?
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Terence Hill

didnt read its from march when april comming?

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