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Default Realistic SAM placements

Hey all.

I have a bit of knowlage how the soviet/russian layered Air Defence is implemented in real life.

Since the implementation of mobile systems (SA-6) onwards the russian/soviet A/D has become a serious problem for enemy air force.

To give an exaple : A SA11 battery(CCunit SR unit and 6 TEL) would be spread out like spider web with the CC and SR in the midle. This ensures that aircraft within the SRs detection range is in the TELs NEZ.
The CC and SR usualy is defended by SA16/SA15 and the TELs with SA13. On top of this BTR80s with infantry equiped with MANPAD and ATGM capability.

At present in the game this isnt modeled. Unless the mission designer places these units according mentioned above and with no fuel, upon giving move order will move the whole battery to the designated waypoint.

Can/will this be modeled where AD units can move individualy and be linked to a CC to recive target data as in real life?

I will mention it that the SA16 in game currently dosent have the full capability to kill the aircraft. These SAMs have a silent mode. The SR (not the onboard SR) will relay target information to the SA16 and in turn the SA16 will use its optical system to ID and kill the aircraft without emmiting.

So a capable CA commander equiped with such capability would rewrite game mechanics.
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They are planning on improving the whole IADS system at some point. I wouldn't hold my breath though since it wasn't mentioned in the yearly newsletter. Though it may come as part of the dynamic campaign.
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