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Default [DUPLICATE] No Sound in Cockpit after a short flight

Had great sound and then after a short flight, the sound cut out completely. Haven't modded the sabre so any ideas? Not worth flying if this is going to happen all the time.

It was just external sounds that went before. Any links to new sounds or updates?

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I have noticed this too recently. I haven't been flying the Sabre long so I don't know if it is a new bug or a long standing issue. Are others seeing (or rather hearing) this issue?
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FYI: several reports about this on the boards as of late. Haven't suffered from this myself though.
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I've had this as well but haven't flown in a bit. AFAIK it's an issue with the module and may require deep digging to fix. Maybe something with the sound card compatibility, calls, or drivers or whatever

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Same over here.
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Yeah same
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