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View Poll Results: With the aircrafts we have, should devs focus on creating a Vietnam environment ?
Yes, it would create a new dimension to the DCS World simulator 817 86.00%
No, I prefer 3rds to still work on aircrafts, and to fly in the same old Caucasus 133 14.00%
Voters: 950. You may not vote on this poll

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A balanced war, i think not. the politicans told us how to fight against all military advisors. We had the planes, ships, ground troops better trained and adapted to the jungle faster than expected. developed seal teams, green berates, chopper assults, chopper gunships, river assualts, and the list goes on. the nva was not a force till much later. vietcong fighters where the real force. fighting in the jungle with ambushes and terror. thank the political power of the us for the loss.
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Finding and killing SAMs with an F-105G in that environment would be the tits! This is my biggest dream/hope/wish for anything related to DCS.

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i would hope they would build all the aircraft that comprise a strike package

whether that's ED per se or 3rd party, i don't care - all will be built to ED's standards so.. doesn't matter "who" builds the airframes..
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Give me a bronco and i'll do FAC for you fastmovers
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I voted yes as it may get us a bronco, one of my favourite aircrafts.
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Originally Posted by Einherjer View Post
Give me a bronco and i'll do FAC for you fastmovers
No you'll only get an O-1 and a few Willy-Pete rockets
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Oh no please not the O-1
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I'm hoping for the release of the SDK so that the community that are interested in this can pull together and create the maps needed. The route packages etc. The Vietnam air war was very complicated and interesting. So many different aspects and so many different innovations evolved during the war. I'm currently working on an A-1H Skyraider but I lack the C++ skills to create an AFM. So it's just going to be a Flaming cliffs type deal. Hopefully others can pool their talents and make this happen with or without 3rd party/ED involvement.
I remember the old 1c game "Whirlwind of Vietnam" and there was "Wings Over Vietnam" but there has been nothing else. There is an interest for it, not as great as the interest for WW2 but there definitely is a lot of people interested in the Vietnam air war.
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(re: Message #1)

The current map is good enough.

But give us this helicopter, next:

The one in Arma 3 is a bit too arcade.


That being said, any future WWII aircraft purchases by me will necessitate a dedicated WWII arena to fly in to be present first, which is in the works by a 3rd party, supposedly. I have the DCS Mustang.

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Originally Posted by Einherjer View Post
Give me a bronco and i'll do FAC for you fastmovers
Give me a Bronco and I'll do Navy Black Pony CAS in the Mekong Delta just like the original mission intended for the OV-10. The OV-10 was really overkill for the FAC mission but the Air Farce insisted on artificially limiting the airframe to a support role. They have never wanted the CAS mission and still don't as evidenced by the repeated attempts to kill the A-10. VAL-4 stood alerts around the clock to support the other units in the delta and were far more responsive and effective than the Air Force fast movers detailed to cover the area. At one point the air force FAC's were forbidden from passing targets to the Navy OV-10's because, get this,... they were making the Air Force Close Air Support system look bad. I'd prefer to be low and slow in an OV-10 popping guerillas with 5" Zuni's and 20mm cannon fire than zipping around at 500kts scattering sticks of Mk-82's around the jungle hoping to hit something other than friendlies. Anyone want to stand alert at Bien Thuy with me to support the SEAL's, PBR's, HAL-3 and the 21st ARVN Division?

Also, on a personal note, my dad was stationed at Bien Thuy (Air Force) in 1970 while VAL-4 was there and it would be interesting to get his reaction to that.
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