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Originally Posted by xvii-Dietrich View Post
I would recommend adding to Combined Arms an...

Air-Traffic Control Tower Unit.

  • This is a simple tower building which can be placed on an airfield (or anywhere, really),
  • It can be occupied by a CA player (similar to the WW2 fortification asset Fire Control Bunker),
  • It gives them an elevated overview position to watch the airfield traffic,
  • It would have a radar display (just like the SAM SA-8 Osa 9A33) so they could monitor traffic.
  • There would be no weapons (there is no need... it is a monitoring position).

Although ATC can just use the F10 map to carry out the necessary functions, the ability to be on the field itself does add considerably to the immersion.

but maybe do not add a new building, i think it would be better if i can join every normal airfield/carrier/farp at my side.
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Originally Posted by Butcher868 View Post

but maybe do not add a new building, i think it would be better if i can join every normal airfield/carrier/farp at my side.
Should be the standard existing buildings.
Have a radar, notepad, roster, IFF, radio device like in aircrafts etc.

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Both thumbs up for mannable Towers. I use LotATC and also man the tower from F11. Looking through the windows of the tower would defo add to the immersion.
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I would like to see a secondary azimuth ring in mils for tanks, jtac capable vehicles. However most importantly for the artillery assets as field artillery uses mils for call for fire missions. Oh and a secondary range bar for plunging fire. For example most artillery units like the paladin can elevate the gun to have a round fall right atop the target instead of impacting like the way a bullet travels....very good to hit the target a few valleys away
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