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Ok, thanks for the clarification
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What would be the right prefix for PG map, as this is for Cacasus

( AIRBASE.Caucasus.Batumi )

or is there a template for PG map, as there is for Nevada and Casasus
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problem here with newer versions of MOOSE. Moose Generation Timestamp: 20170518_2056 runs as expected, between this and Timestamp: 20171102_0821 something happend so I cant´t use MOOSE anymore. Syntax??
Everything newer/newest (2.4a 2018-09-11T18:40:22) doesn´t work too.
Also moose demo missions don´t work (age of 3 month, e.g.: SPA-012 - Ground Ops - Multiple Spawns, RAT-001 - Basic).
I´m using DCS
Who can help?
Files attached - very simple, basic stuff but fun ;-)

btw: there are some additional errors in logfile - any ideas how to fix? update/repair dcs already done...

Any help appreciated - thanks a lot !
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File Type: miz HeliWork013 - running.miz (333.3 KB, 2 views)
File Type: miz HeliWork013a - does not run.miz (214.4 KB, 2 views)
File Type: rar dcs.log.rar (24.7 KB, 3 views)
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What would be the right prefix for PG map

--- These are all airbases of the Persion Gulf Map:
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Fujairah_Intl
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Qeshm_Island
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Sir_Abu_Nuayr
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Abu_Musa_Island_Airport
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Bandar_Abbas_Intl
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Bandar_Lengeh
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Tunb_Island_AFB
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Havadarya
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Lar_Airbase
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Sirri_Island
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Tunb_Kochak
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Al_Dhafra_AB
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Dubai_Intl
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Al_Maktoum_Intl
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Khasab
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Al_Minhad_AB
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Sharjah_Intl
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Shiraz_International_Airport
-- * AIRBASE.PersianGulf.Kerman_Airport
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