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Originally Posted by Ygrams View Post
Seems I'm not alone with these problems. For me it crashes when I start a second mission.
Also I can't change the QNH/QFE settings, the TILS doesn't seem to be working for me (checked a tutorial today and did exactly the same but nothing shows up on the radar), the game stutters and freezes over for several seconds midflight and when I check the F10 map and then goes back (F1) I'm surrounded by water.
Anyone else having the same issues as I'm having?

I have no problem with changing the QNH/QFE settings.

TILS no problem. Very important to have the master mode "Land NAV" setting. In the lesson you use "Land P/PO" (that is used when you make visual landing)

Sometimes I got stuttering inflight, but got better when I got new and more RAM-memory.

That F10 to F1 issue getting surrounded with water is something that happens to me also. At first I didn't know how to get it right, but now i know that hitting F10-F1 again usually helps.
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The module seems to work better now, I can change to map and back without any issues. Also I haven't had any crashes restarting missions, so now I'm just trying to tune my TrackIR to give me smooth lookarounds
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Changelog for 12 September 2018

- NEW! Added new BK-90 “Mjolnir” Simulation.

- Added BK-90 MJ1, BK-90 MJ2, BK-90 MJ1+MJ2.

- Fixed KB switch button functionality.

- Corrected Rb04 warhead behavior.

- Fixed second Rb04 launcher in series mode even if in impulse.

- Air-to-Air range symbology fix.

- AI flight envelopes tweaked.

- RPM indication in Infobar / external view should now show up to 100%

- Tweaks to auto-mission generator, will not plan for dead / damaged / inactive units.

- Fix to Flares empty (FACKL SL) light flashing after rearm
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That's all great guys, thanks.
One (minor) thing that is quite annoying, is I have noticed quite a few times when you guys have posted changes, they are very rarely mentioned in the official ED changelogs.
Would be useful.
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Great to see that this project is so alive.

Two other 3rd party DCS modules looks to lay dead in the water - No name !
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