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Default Counter-clockwise-rotating engine

So i assume that this plane has counter-clockwise rotating engine, so the primary rudder is left rather than right. Am i correct? Are there any options planned for western style engine? (if there are such in real life).

I have no particular interest in Yak-52, however i am interested in tricycle configured piston engine trainer for DCS, but, while this might sound silly, i really don't like to screw up my muscle memory with counter-rotating engine...
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Welcome to the M14 Yep Left rudder for take off etc. High Speed start feeding in a little right rudder. Most 52's have a neutral point around 125 Knots.
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We will have to add this to the important list of things to worry about.
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i really don't like to screw up my muscle memory with counter-rotating engine...
Most, if not all, Russian vintage single prop planes had counter clockwise rotating engines. You'll have to get used to it if the DCS WW2 subgame ever expands to the Caucasus...
"The DCS NS 430 currently available for DCS: Mi-8MTV2. DCS NS 430 licensing and distribution policy for other modules is being discussed and will be disclosed later. Belsimtek team"
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