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Cap'n Penguin
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Hola. I am a 51 year old South Pole penguin, who read Johnathon Livingston Seagull as a kid, and have been drunk on aviation ever since. I grew up in South Carolina flying with my father all over and went into the USAF (C-141 DCC) after HS to pay for college. Spent an additional tour with the SCANG (F-16C B50 LCC) while I attended the real U.S.C.

I flew in Warbirds for approximately 20 years and attended multiple conventions. I love going to Oshkosh and will read and watch anything aviation related.

I've been away from flight sims for a few years based on mostly health issues and honestly thought they were dead. Then in November I saw a Reapers video on Youtube and started shopping for computers. Got the rig shown below for the sole purpose of flying DCS . and it's been worth every penny.

I'm hoping to find a fun and active squadron to join but I work in the evenings so it will likely have to be a Euro squadron for conducive flight times.

Cap'n Penguin

a.k.a. Lawndart extraordinaire

i9-9900K Processor - 120mm Liquid Cooling System - 32G (8 GB x 4) DDR4-3200MHz - Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti - 11GB - 1 TB Western Digital Blue SSD - Motherboard (MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk) - Corsair RMX850 PSU - Windows 10 - Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS - Oculus Rift - Old Lawn chair

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Hello from Spain. Just registered as a friend introduced me to DCS!
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About a Year ago i made my first step in to dcs, buying the SU-33 because it just looked cool. But once I entered the plane I felt like a freshly unfrozen captain America coming from mainly playing IL-2 and only reasearching WW2 Planes. So many blinking lights and switches and screens. Then I took of without retracting the leading edge flaps and got yelled at constantly by some angry Russian Woman. I Learned the Russian phrases for pull up you itiot. You are going to knock you out with those g's you donkey and Vodka spilled over the engine and ignited it you capitalist pig. (At least that's what I think she means.)

Now a year later the Alert 5 Podcast has reawaken my intrest and I got my self the Yak 52 and the mig-15
Much better choice for me and I have finally gotten the approach for this sim.
The Yak is so much fun and I think for me it starts to beat out the Ishak as my favorite Aerobatic plane. And the Mig-15 is just out of this world. So much speed and raw power and the quirky Russian design all over. Ho needs blinking lights for the dashboard if you gan splash some paint on it and mount to uv lights in the cockpit. Moving this fing trough the clouds is like giving a Cat Belly rubs. You better be ready to pull back if it bites.

So Yes this has been my story how I have finally gotten into this wonderful sim and maybe if I take a few extra steps with the mig 19- mig 21 ect, I might one day be able to take that Su-33 for a ride and understand what to do with all those screens and buttons. Altho I'me still not to sure about those Air to air Missiles that do those curvy things.
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Default Hello

Hey boys & girls!

I'm Dave. I'm brand spanking new to DCS. I've been enjoying flight sim since '03 using FS9, FSX & finally switched to P3Dv.4 and XP11 recently, progressing steadily into study level aircraft. My main focus has always been "flying" small, single engine GA aircraft such as the Piper J3 Cub and the Cessna 172 Skyhawk mostly, but I have started working with complex aircraft lately, like the Beechcraft V35B Bonanza, DeHavilland DHC2 Beaver and A2A's North American T6 Texan.

I have been dabbled with some military jets before, but not at this level. DCS seems to have captured the "realness" of dealing with the aircraft from start up to shut down - which is of interest to me. I hope to begin learning and honing my jet jockeying skills soon, but the P51 Mustang is one of my all time favorites - so I'll probably start with it. Hope to see you guys & gals upstairs soon!

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