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Default Brakes can't hold the aircraft still at 4lbs/in^2

I find that while holding the brakes, and holding full aft on the stick, the aircraft starts to pivot and slide forward at a pressure of 4lbs (prop rpm full forward). This is problematic as run up procedures on pages 139-140 of the manual call for higher pressures during engine run-up.

I wasn't flying the spitfire for a while, but I feel like this wasn't always the case?
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Magic Zach
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You need to watch the needles. The left needle drops. When it does, barely give some left rudder to keep it equalized, and that will prevent it from turning.
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while holding the brakes on run up etc, it shouldn't move, I don't have that problem, so could it be possibly your brake isn't full on?
I have it mapped so no need to fiddle between the joystick ;0also if you have it mapped to rudder pedals check the settings axis as you press them, and make sure both feet are down the same, sometimes if your pedals move that can happen
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i did check this manual
so what i read there is that plane must be pepared for engine run up where you set 4psi of boost at 3000rpm
this include wheel pads and aditional weight put on tail of the plane
when i try run up engine to 4psi spitfire starts lift the tail
so i just do engine run up like in p-51 at 30inHg
As manual state brakes in spitfire should keep plane static up to 1800rpm this is minimum braking power for brakes in spitfire if brakes cant hold that you should not take off but brakes alone wont hold plane at 4psi boost
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