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Default Las Vegas Mass Shooting - Huey Mission?

Has anyone thought or heard of creating a mission like this? I've been interested in the police response to the shooting at Mandalay Bay and since all the radio traffic and body cams are out on youtube it should be an easy embedding of the mp3 right?

Here's what I'm thinking. You're a Vegas Metro PD Huey crew that is doing your normal patrol on the north end of town when you start hearing the radio traffic from both PD and FD that there are shots being fired in or around the concert venue. As you start hearing more and more units come over the radio and shouting details about where the shots are coming from, you (and pretty much the rest of the city's cops on or off duty) start to head towards the Mandalay Bay. When you get your heading set, you are flying over the city's suburbs and streets but start seeing red and blue lights pop on from every area of the city and are ALL hauling ass to the incident through the streets. You arrive in the area and begin your orbit to support of the now 20 to 30 officers and police cars frantically trying to get cover and search for the shooter. Also while hundreds of concert goers are running north and east (some even cross over runways at Vegas Intl).

Now, this doesn't really happen during the actual incident but you see shots coming from the north side of the building out of an upper floor window. Your unit is called by the incident commander to fly to the staging area and pick up a team of 5 SWAT officers and are tasked to transport them to the roof.

Once that is completed, you are then tasked to support GSW victim transports to the hospitals.

What do y'all think about this? Would anybody be interested in flying or making a mission like this? Is this even possible to create in the editor as described?
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There are a few things, such as police lights (the red and blue) as well as civilian human models that don't (yet?) exist in the ME.

That being said, I'd imagine ED would be hesitant, at least, to create a mission that involved civilians intentionally being killed, even if it's not by the player. That would most likely have to be a mission you would have to create for yourself.

I'm no employee of ED, but logically speaking, to me, that seems like something they wouldn't do.
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Yeah, this is pretty insensitive.

I don't see it happening from ED.

Maybe some third party mission maker who would have the stomach for it.

I don't think the mission would survive long on the DCS user files though.
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The mission sounds like it would be great. But the subject matter is a bit insensitive.
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