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Default AIM-9X in latest ED video

Hadn't seen this here yet - Wags was flying around with a couple of AIM-9Xs on his wing tips in the latest video. Credit to the guys from hoggit for spotting it.
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What is that AIM-9X doing there

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What a tease!
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I really didn't/ still don't expect the 9x this soon, but I mean.... that is an AIM 9x haha, could we soon be getting our first weapons additions?
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obviously,they are already testing it~
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You guys have a good eye. I watched the vid just as Wags posted it last night and I didn’t pick up on it... Guess I was just too sleepy to notice... Good catch!
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General 3D modeling thread and reference sites
new UK liveries for planes, ships and MODS.
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Originally Posted by joey45 View Post
Bug 1 merged, hostile, "Meh"....Fox 2.
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