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Default How do you enjoy DCS?

From reading all the comments it seems everyone is really loving the new DCS 2.5. I am just curious what you are doing?

I have owned DCS for years but could never stay all that into it because stuff invariably wouldn't work. With all the 2.5 hype and good things on the horizon, I was finally excited to dive in and enjoy it.

I started with the Huey UN Pilot campaign which was great except for one mission where I had to manually edit the waypoints because the AI helicopter kept crashing into trees (obviously not tested in 2.5 as it crashed into the exact same tree every time). After finishing that, I bought the Argo campaign and the frustrations came flooding back. Of the first five missions, I had to manually edit my logbook to skip two of them due to the swinging cargo bug. Then the sixth mission starts you literally inside of another helicopter and you instantly crash.

If I had downloaded this off some website I'd be less annoyed but I paid money for this campaign on the DCS website and it's clear no one had even tested it one time before proclaiming it to be 2.5 compatible.

I really do like the sim. Everything seems really well done except any content whatsoever. What am I missing? I will literally buy any of the add-ons if I knew they work. I love the Huey and the A-10C. I fly in VR so helicopters are particularly fun to me. The Gazelle maybe?

I am really looking forward to all the A-10 training campaigns, I need to brush up on that plane and that sounds like a great way to do it right before I pick up some campaigns and of course the Persian Gulf map when it is ready.

Please help me figure out how to enjoy this. I know it's great and I am desperate to enjoy it but I don't want to buy something else unless I know it will actually function.
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Of the non-FC3 modules, I have the L39, KA50, F5, A10C. They all fly wonderfully. I enjoy DCS as both an aircraft combat sim and as a non-combat flight sim.

I haven't done any campaigns, but I did do the SU-25T training missions in 2.5 and for the internal cannon, and I had to go into the Mission Editor and raise two of the gates (the last one and the one at the top of the mountain, just before the descent into the target bowl). I saved the edits and was able to finish that mission.

Should it have been checked prior to release? Sure, but it wasn't probably for the same reason old roads aren't well maintained...the cost of building new roads (or modules) eats up the time and money budget, leaving very little for fixes.

I see trying to self-fix a mission (if it's unusable otherwise) as a minor thing, relative to the enjoyment I get out of playing the now-fixed mission several times.

...paid money for this campaign on the DCS website and it's clear no one had even tested it one time before proclaiming it to be 2.5 compatible...
Great observation! Maybe try to persuade ED to increase the number of Beta testers to check for these types of things?

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The Gazelle maybe?
I'd go for the Mi-8, since it's arguably the best virtual chopper ever made for any sim. I fly it daily myself, because it just is so damn good. I don't even do any combat that much anymore with it - just fly in Nevada and Georgia in variable weather because I enjoy it so much.

Lack of content and some long-standing bugs are indeed a problem with DCS, but ironic as it may sound, it kind of forces you to focus on learning the best modules by heart, which in itself is great fun if you're that way inclined. Regardless, what DCS needs in the long run is more content and preferably dynamic at that; we've got the bones, so let's put some flesh on them now. And oh, fix the bugs as well while you're at it
Hey doubters, check this out: "P-51D has another variant with new higher octane coming later, the K-4 and D-9 are getting new cockpits, all the WWII warbirds are getting their cooling reworked, and a DM is in internal testing"
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I started playing DCS five years ago. Since I started I’ve put over 1000 hours/year into it and I only play the A-10C. What I do in it is play an open ended SP CAS mission with random elements. Still after all these years and all this time I’m far from getting bored. It is my little slice of heaven.

I might try the F/A-18 when it’s feature complete and well into release, but honestly until then I’m not interested.
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With blue cheese on oat biscuits, and a bottle of stout.

Favourite aircraft - Mi-8 & Su-25A
That's all I need to keep myself occupied.
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DCS truly becomes alive though multiplayer experience for me. Single player missions and campaigns can be rewarding and engaging, but all of my best DCS experiences are results of when I was flying with actual people behind the jets I was flying with. I got deep into the virtual organization scene, started an A-10 squadron with the help of some great friends a few months ago, and I haven't once flown single player since.

Sitting down, spending an hour with my -2 briefing a mission to the point, going up, flying it, landing, then deconstructing and analyzing the mission to identify lessons learned and view our performance has become such an awesome experience what I hardly do anything other than DCS with my free time now.

DCS is full of rewarding experiences... I think it can be compared to existentialism. You simply have to find the right "reward" for you, whether it be engaging campaigns, your favorite aircraft, a new aircraft, or a virtual squadron or organization.

Sometimes I miss the A-10C.
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Shadow KT
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Multiplayer it is for me.

If you can get into a squadron, even better ! People you can trust and enjoy flying with.

Singleplayer has never been my thing in DCS. Awkward AI (hard to cooperate with them), buggy missions (which require a lot of man hours and testing to get fixed) and static battleground.

You can always try and create the missions yourself, see how that works.

But playing online and cooperating is the best thing ever when it works out

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A-10C and VR all the way. DCS is incredible but I just wouldn't bother without VR support.
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Still learning the modules that I've bought over the the last couple of years. More recently that's been walking through what I'd call basic training on the A10C, Ka50, Harrier, Viggen etc. For that, it's my ability to cold start, navigate and use weapons.
Post that, I've built a variety of fairly simple missions that take my fancy to practice putting what I've learnt into practice.

My goal is to get to the point where I can join a squadron and actually add value. Just joined one, so let's see how that pans out.
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So far it's been the F-15 and single player campaigns, mainly The Georgian War, which is really good. I ordered a Mantiz Venus eGPU, 1080ti, TrackIR 5 and TM Warthog on my 2.5 beta excitement and I just can't get enough of the beauty of this plane and the game in general. Pre-ordered the F-18 and looking forward to jump into multiplayer soon. Happy flying everyone, and thanks ED for this awesome product!
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