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Default ACMI for DCS World?

Will DCS World add this toy for "authentic" training in Red Flag campaign? Just curious
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Originally Posted by FoxHoundELite View Post
Will DCS World add this toy for "authentic" training in Red Flag campaign? Just curious

Don’t get me wrong because I’m all for it, but...
Red/Green/Purple Flag Exercises depend on a LOT of Ground and Air Support when it comes to the ACMI Evaluation; we’ll need those “referees” stations, too!
I’d be happy to take up the Exercise Evaluator once in a while...

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I think the F-5 BFM campaign includes an ACMI on one of the wingtip pylons when you fly the missions. I have no idea whether the ACMI is actually set up to simulate anything, or whether it's just there as a prop to look cool, since the missions use live weapons and the DCS simulator itself is obviously capable of detecting whether you score a hit.

But at the very least, I think that this means that you can attach an ACMI to the F-5, and possibly to other aircraft.
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The ACMI is only visually implemented AFAIK.

A fully simulated ACMI in DCS World would probably be a thing for the very far future, but a great one.
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Yep, currently you can carry the AN/ASQ-T50 TCTS on the A-10, F-15C, F-5E, and the AV-8B. It does nothing besides look neat and add weight.

Though, as FlyingPhotog says, there is TacView, which is a very flexible and awesome ACMI program that I'm sure will fit your needs.

So.. for the desired effect, carry the neat pod and install TacView. Note that you don't have to be carrying the pod for TacView to work.

As Texac stated, maybe down the line in the future we could get a built in ACMI tools. Maybe we could even get HUD tapes?

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