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Default Collecting Signatures for ED to design piston aircraft for elementary flight trainer

Gentlemen Eagle Dynamics,

I write this publication not to adhere to the wish list of the ED forum (PLEASE), it is a direct request to collect signatures to support an initiative by all of us who love the DCS World flight simulator and we see it emerging every day.

I want to collect 10 thousand signatures to complement a direct request to , to design a piston plane (X4) and basic propeller, for elementary pilot training in the DCS World flight simulator, as quickly as possible.

This aircraft must be western, built in real life by the construction factories of Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper and / or revive the Grob Tutor project. ED already announced a Russian acrobatics and training airplane (Yak-52 / M3), it's time to have a Western one in our simulator too.

This is due to the fact that in many virtual squadrons we want to take a training line from the most basic in a propeller plane to a military post-combustion aircraft without having to use another simulator .

The Grob Tutor would provide us with this tool in the future, but when that project disappears we as virtual basic flight schools can no longer do such elementary training, as it was done in real life Air Force schools.

The purpose is solely virtual flight training, not civil flight.

PD: Eagle Dynamics, please reflect and accept our request.

Thank you.

Suggested aircraft:

Piper PA-28

Cessna -152

Cessna - 206

Beechcraft Bonanza BE33

Training example of a real fighter pilot's career, which may be applicable in DCS World from elementary flight:

If you agree, sign here.
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Umm NO
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10,000 signatures


EDIT: AFAIK, nobody uses any of those aircraft for military training programs. T-6a Texan in the US. IIRC.
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No Thx!

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Lol no

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No thanks
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