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Originally Posted by 100KIAP_Falcon View Post
It is not difficult to understand how much damage is caused by 39kg of explosives in the 10m range (what about 30m?). If we take this into consideration we do not need Mythbusters to check.

I honestly hoped these nonsense would disappear with DCS 2.5 but I was obviously mistaken. We've been sending feedback for years to ED but those with each new version are closer to the arcade. They ignore us and they do not want to discuss it at all.

It only takes me a second from the permanent uninstallation (after 10 years) of this garbage... smart people have already abandoned this for a long time.
It’s more complicated than x amount of explosives y distance away given fragmentation effects and the velocities involved.

The kinematic performance of missiles is also complicated in its nature and real world data is hard to find.

Also the current dm is on its way out and so are the missile physics currently implemented.

So the bugs everyone is seeing are only normal and besides remember this is open BETA where these bugs are being discovered and ironed out.

There is no easy solution to any of this or magic formula. We have to be patient.
Bare in mind everyone fudges up their missile performance on publicly released data making things even more complex.
You can go back to 1.5 if they bugs are too much for you.
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