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Phil's latest video on this topic is encouraging to see ... as it shows that the SMAA feature interferes with contact spoting at different FoV levels. I look forward to trialling this on my own setup.

DD-Fenrir nicely explains the FoV (Zoom) feature.
It is an important comment here as in fairness, it's not necessarily intuitive and I can understand folks misunderstanding of the zoom feature in the flight sim. (same in racing sims incidentally)

Originally Posted by Solty View Post
The funny part is that when Phill says he can clearly see the B17 at 24km I can't see a single dot on my monitor xD.
This is the complexity of this topic .... everyone's mileage varies which is the frustration. by the way, in case you mean viewing the YouTube video, then I can't see the dots either. This is down to what YouTube does when it renders the video though.

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Originally Posted by Solty View Post
The funny part is that when Phill says he can clearly see the B17 at 24km I can't see a single dot on my monitor xD.

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Originally Posted by voodooman View Post
You can't see them in the YouTube video, or you can't see them in your game when at the same distance?
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did a quick test of this yesterday at 1440p and seems you might be on to something. turned all my aa off and i could see contacts in the air a lot better. but the big bonus for me is i could spot them easier against the terrain when i had a height advantage, where as before i would always lose them. have you tested anisotropic filtering as well?
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I don't think not being able to see the B17's in the video says anything. YT process the videos being uploaded, over which you have no control. This processing could easily make the B-17's invisible.
When you hit the wrong button on take-off

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Yesterday i had time for a sortie on BS and the label mod was off. Didn't spot anything on my 27 inch monitor, even where contacts are reported to be, until 2 spits and me bumped into each other
Tried out the single player quick missions out and came to the conclusion that unless you know where exactly to look at you wont find anything in a reliable manner.
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Originally Posted by DD_Fenrir View Post
Christ, not arguments on zoom being unrealistic again....

You know what's realistic? Imagine sitting in the real cockpit your favourite plane. Now imagine taking your gaming monitor, tearing off the frame, and throwing away the rest. Now hold the frame up in the cockpit at about arms length (roughly equivalent to how far most people sit from their monitor in their gaming set-up). Visualize what FoV you should set to see what you could see bounded within your empty monitor frame - shouldn't be a great deal more than the gun-sight glass and some of the windshield either side - and then set that in your home gaming set-up.

Good luck trying to land/takeoff and track enemies in a dogfight.

Zoom function is gaming trope to attempt to compensate for a window of visual expanse a fraction of what we could access in reality, compounded by the fact our gaming displays generate images at a considerably lower resolution. Unless you have a hemispherical monitor able to produce resolutions that mimic that of the human eye over it's entire surface, zoom is a required function to enable sim-pilots to access an even vaguely realistic level of visual acuity.

Just to say "you can't zoom in real life" is a gross over-simplification and really only proves a profound ignorance over the subject of field of view, depth of field and pixel densitys as they apply to 2D computer generated imagery vs real life.
I've been playing around in VR in other flight sims lately, and I'll further this: for all the immersion boost it provides, you lose peripheral vision which is essential in dog fights and many non dog fight manuvers. If any of you drive, consider how far you are into your peripheral vision when you check your blind spot while changing lanes, or look behind when reversing. In current VR, to do that, I have to rotate my sitting position about 60-90 degrees to do that. The loss of pixel count is also a limiting factor with current sets.

We're getting closer but we're not there yet.
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Seriously, who cares? If you want to use zoom use it and if you don't then don't.

We all have different systems, monitors, and vision.

Zoom isn't cheating when it's available for everybody.

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I feel Zoom is very much cheating and so I never use it. Whats the point flying a WWII plane and zoom in and out ? We can do this with the modern pods in the A 10 or the Harrier for example but zooming pilot view is a no go.
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And I have no problem spotting in 1440 by the way, seems much easier like in real life. Flew only in BS though ...
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