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Just checked the very detailed German manual and interestingly it says to fly the final turn with flaps up and at only 160km/h.

Once landing is assured and on final (not below 150m) extend the flaps.

When to extend the flaps is IMO simply a personal choice and it also depends on the planned ROD. (If you are high you can e.g. extend the flaps instead of slipping)

Given the fact that they create such a high amount of drag, I'd delay the extension as long as possible.

Btw, the manual also mentions a nose up moment which can be easily countered with a 'light' push.

edit: just checked a different English manual an it also stated to extend the flaps (if at all desired) on final.

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Originally Posted by Reflected View Post
A question to the real pilots:

When do you deploy flaps on landing?
- in the DCS training mission they say on final.
- This video suggests before turning on base.
- YAK-one suggests on base leg.

I'm a little confused here.


OurPOH actually says extend flaps on final, but I always do it on base with my almost simultaneous prop forward to fully fine. I guess it's not crucial, and our hangar has three Yak 52's, each owned by syndicates, and each with their own particular and often peculiar procedures -always prompting healthy debates.
I've attached a diagram from our operating handbook....
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A lot of when to do what is personal preference and cockpit management, for example i was taught in the Cessna to deploy 20 degree flaps on base and 30 for final and to of done the Breaks, undercarriage, mixture, fuel etc checks on downwind.

however in a non standard approach or when inbound for an airport in say class C airspace i might delay the flaps until im almost over the fresh hold due to the longer runway and traffic that might be behind me.

Good job i did that as i had an Embraer on my butt-side on a 6 mile final.
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