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Default [REPORTED] 2X400 liters fuel tanks

Empty after 80 km of flight. RPM at takeoff full few secs, after that 70-76% tops, climbing to 4000 meters.
Looks like same thing with 600 liter tanks.

Fired some cannons and suddenly empty fuel tank link went dark and main fuel meter returned to "full position"- a while after empty light lit again - Belsimtek?!

This was not supposed to be in beta.

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Could someone try this in current version,2.5 U5 open beta?
2 x 400 Liter tanks empty in around 12 min after takeoff with around 11000rpm during climb.
4000 liter per hour is not reasonable I think, even with takeoff condition.

edit: Or are there altitude limitations for the drop tank usage? Fired some cannon rounds, transfer fuel light came on. I reduced altitude and transfer from external started again, refilling internal tanks. Strange...

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Yeah MiG-15 is supposed to burn between 300 and 600 gallons per hour depending on how many beans you're giving it (probably a bit more under DCS conditions)

4000 litres per hour is just over 1000 gallons per hour so about twice as bad as it should be.

Maybe belsimtek accidentally gave it a piece of MiG-17 in afterburner code (can only hope)
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Yeah, I only got 200km on 400L tanks (before the tanks ran out), so I have reported this.
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