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Originally Posted by Wrench View Post
One thing I've found to help with fighting the AI is to give them a centerline fuel tank, and restrict jettison in the ME.
This makes it so they can still turn and fight, but they have dead weight strapped to the aircraft instead of an F-1.
This helps across the board, in fc3, PFM planes like the 18C, and even the warbirbs.
That‘s a neat idea and a nice workaround! I‘ll give that a try (even though my dogfighting skills are really low still since I’ve spent 99% of my DCS time in the mud mover business so far. But that is changing a bit with the hornet now ).

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I just flew the 2v2 BFM vs the MiG-15 brothers. Yes that was a challenging fight. Doing a technical boom & zoom (ie don't try to turn & burn with them) made pretty darn short work of them though. He can turn real good, but not at angels 30 and climbing.

Strangely the 2nd of the two MiG's seemed to give up. He tried to extend or something, so I just ran him down and blasted his sorry posterior.
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Originally Posted by SUBS17 View Post
I think its performance seems quite high, there is a problem in how the Mig15 dogfights as it has a never ending amount of energy. So its not a matter of how difficult it is to shoot the Mig15 down the question is, is that behaviour realistic?

We all know the AI are a bunch of cheaters, as much of a cheaters as Mr. Smith in the Matrix as they only have basics flight model.

I made a test a few months ago, as i was suspecting the AI going Afterburners mostly the entire fights as i ended up getting bingo fuel doing same as them, i never tried the F-5 as player, as i do not own the module, i do not know how of a drinker that bird is, but i made the AI start airborn with 1,000 lbs of fuel, as i made it spawn he didn't engaged me cuz he was low fuel (basicly as oer ME) and kept going straight for his base to land, but still, he flown away passed me for about 12 minutes, which out of those 12 minutes, easily 7 minutes with full burners on, i ended up shooting him down, either F-5's doesn'T drink a lot, or AI has unlimited fuel Another « Unsolved Mysteries » TV show case.

I'd be curious to see how long would a player, starting airborn in a F-5 with 1,000 lbs of fuel, would be able to fly going full burners on.
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