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Default Looking for a multiplayer home

Heya everyone.

Returning old time DSC player here.
Used to play back in the days that Flaming Cliffs 3 came out, still have those CDs in a box somewhere... But then my old HOTAS died, and life happened, and you know how it goes.

Anyways, now i'm getting my feet wet again. Really enjoying the new Hornet currently.
Basically still pretty awful at the momment, but improving!

Located in the Eastern US time zone, and play a few hours in the evening a couple nights a week, and on the weekends when nothing else is going on.

I consider myself to be a fairly competitive/semi-casual player. Any loss is an opportunity to improve!

I'd say fly safe, but where's the fun in that?
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I’d suggest the 104th server. Great crowd and ever evolving missions. Hop on tea speak and srs for best effect!
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Pirate's Cove servers, we're relaxed ,no pressure.. no rules... just fun

Not that we care one way or another if you join us, but we’re a small group with multiple servers running day and night, We’re primarily a Navy group, but you can fly anything you wish. We make our own missions or we pillage others. Our rules are simple... “Enjoy yourself ... or walk the plank”... Look for the “Pirates Cove. Servers” .. we have a Discord, but we don’t Care if you join, we have TeamSpeak, which you should join, how else would we insulted you. some of us use the SRS Radio plug in..some don't
Hit me up if you want to have fun, or don’t ...we don’t really give a shit if you do.
Just leave your attitude st the door, and don’t try to change us, many have tried, .. they just end up “walking the plank”
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Default Modern Cold War - welcomes everyone

I can appreciate your search for a more enjoyable Multiplayer environment.

I can't say that I agree with the previous two posters as I have not enjoyed those servers much. I was looking for a community just as much as I wanted a dynamic experience.

I tried the DDCS server, and that was a ton of fun, until they changed course to "steal players" from other servers. That maneuver ultimately made DDCS a waste, and not only did it forcefully remove players that voiced opinions contrary to the leaderships, but also made it unfun for less vocal players like myself.

Many of the guys did however meet up, and through further discussions decided we can take what we knew was fun, and make the perfect server as a community of players. That server is up, and full as hell I might add. It is also evolving on a daily process because we have so many guys working to make this server fun for all kinds of players. In the first week we've been up it's already been the 3rd highest populated server in DCS multiple times.

This is the Modern Cold War server. The premise is a fully dynamic experience where the players create the ground game, provide needed air support, and the ever present air space dominance required to be successful.

MCW has it's own discord and I recommend joining to get to know the guys, and the many new players that join every day. It's not air quake, but the action is close enough to not find your self flying for hours to just get shot down. It's also real enough to find that the more you apply teamwork and tactics, the greater success you will achieve.

Good luck on your search and I hope to see you in the skies of MCW.

Feel free to reach out to any of the admins, developers, or heck anyone on MCW as we are all very active and love to teach the unique characteristics from slinging with helos, to anti-radiation deep strikes withe Su25s and F-18s.

The discord: https://discord.gg/RNhCFg9



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