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Default SAM SA-10-S 300PS LN 5P85D is on indefinite coffee break

How do you get this Russian SAM site to shoot an an airplane?

I have it paired with CP 64k6, SR 5N66M, CC 95470M1, TR 30N6, and P-19.

I place an American F18 to circle above and nothing happens for over 10 minutes.

Should I inform Putin these guys are sleeping on the job?
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All components are in the same “Group?”
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Create the group from scratch using the sample option of the left menu. Also do not set any enemy bandit in the engagement range right at the beginning, remember the SAM need some second to search/track/engage

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So I learned a rookie mistake. Don't add these entities as individual parts, add them as a whole template. Then you just add ROE and ALARM state and you're hot to trot
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CP 54K6, SR SN66M, TR 30N6, SR 64 H6E, 6 x LN SP85D/C, Ural 4320T. all in one group. It will work, as is.

There is a template under, Ukraine (blue), Russia red, as a guide.
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